Diamond Mindfulness IMMERSION Workshop

Saturday 18 March 2017

near Caloundra, Sunshine Coast


“Mindfulness is the energy that helps us recognize the conditions of happiness that are already present in our lives. You don’t have to wait ten years to experience this happiness.” Thich Nhat Hanh


We live in very fast-paced, frantic, tech-saturated times, and life can feel relentless. We may need perspective. We may need some space, some ‘me-time’. We might simply need a ‘refresher’.

Whatever our circumstances, it is clear that in these days of extreme change and shifting paradigms (what millions call the ‘Shift in Consciousness’) you may be experiencing challenges that urge you to stop, breathe, support yourself and perhaps embrace new perspectives & methods for Wellbeing.

…The challenge may be an ongoing negative energy such as anxiety, depression, fear, ascension symptoms’, burnout, panic attacks, overwhelm, sabotage, stress or overwork. A crippling ‘inner critic’.

…You might be dealing with issues relating to finances, partners (or the lack thereof), bosses, important life decisions, staff, the loss of a loved one or life transitions. Maybe it’s a health concern

…You might simply need to “drop-in” and have a full day of Mindfulness to reboot

…You might have recently completed an Introductory Training and want to support your Practice and Wellbeing

On the Power of Mindfulness:

““…the relief has been significant for me – to be able to recognise just how out of control things were for me….the Mindfulness meditation seems to have created a space between the problems I have and me so I can notice what is happening now before it all takes hold of me and that makes all the difference now. Without your wonderful work and communication in the group, I would still be stuck in the swirl of chaos.”  JM, Qld

“…With the loving, supportive guidance of the beautiful-souled Fatima, I have developed a mindfulness practice that is helping me manage work stresses, finding a better balance between work and looking after myself and FINALLY quietening the brutal inner critic that has spent every second of every day berating me for the last 20 years. A huge thank you to Fatima for starting me on what is already a successful journey. This course has changed my life.” T Towns

I just wanted to say a big thank you. When I first started your class I felt so so lost and since doing mindfulness I feel more able to cope.” TC


yin-yang-treeA rapidly-expanding body of scientific research suggests that gentle Mindfulness Meditation enables you to navigate your challenges more skillfully and to confidently step onto the path of increased wellbeing. In so doing, not only are happiness, purpose and freedom natural results, but also your capacity to more positively create and manifest….in these times of Shift.

Mindfulness Meditation facilitates an openness into the power of the present. It helps you to centre and thus reduce stress, and improve attention, purpose and intuition. You come into the NOW, where all your Power & Happiness are.


About the Diamond Mindfulness IMMERSION Workshop


The day is a mini-retreat format for you to immerse yourself in various Practices for full rejuvenation and centring in Loving-Kindness and Care.



You will leave the Workshop with:

  • Mindfulness and its many benefits
  • insights into our ‘problematic minds’, emotions, self-judgment, the inner critic
  • experiencing the power of Mindful Mindful Tea/Coffee, Mindful Breathing, Mindful Concentration, Body Awareness, Mindful Listening
  • a veritable ‘Mindfulness Meditation Toolkit’ of interventionist-strategies to improve all areas of your life
  • powerful ways to reduce stress, depression, anxiety and to eliminate sabotage
  • plenty of interaction and groupwork
  • witnessing the pull into the past and the projection into the future….and learning to ACT rather than REACT
  • working with RAIN:  Recognize, Accept, Investigate, Non-Identification
  • techniques to increase your well-being, abundance, happiness and personal fulfillment
  • life-changing Insights for navigating challenging emotions and situations
  • numerous practices to cultivate optimism, appreciation, kindness, joy & compassion
  • the understanding of the importance of a simple Daily Mindfulness Practice for feeling peaceful, empowered, enlivened, in charge…FREER.


Whether you are a Meditation Beginner or Intermediate Practitioner, you can come experience greater Self-awareness, Space and Lightness. You can support YOU to experience more Wellbeing, Ease, Happiness, Grace and Flow. More personal fulfillment.

“The one day with you (Miracle of Mindfulness Workshop) has shifted my whole way of thinking. I feel like I’m only now starting to understand life. I have new worlds to learn & discover. Thank you so much. My soul felt lost. Now I feel my glow. You’re amazing!” KF

“I’m so pleased I’ve found mindful meditation through Fatima’s classes. The methods and techniques communicated are intelligent, easy to follow and practical. I’ve experienced great emotional and stress relief in using the practices. Fatima’s warmth and engaging nature made the courses thoroughly enjoyable.” DO


Join Fatima, top-rated facilitator for MindfulnessWorks in Australia and NZ into some ‘me-time’, support, greater self-awareness, healing & wellbeing.



DATE: SATURDAY, 18 March 2017

TIME: 9:30am – 5:00pm

WHERE:  the 4-Star Caloundra Central Apartment Hotel ~ 36 Browning Boulevard, Battery Hill, Qld (near Currimundi & Dicky Beach)

FEE: $125 SINGLE;  $220 FOR TWO   (includes Morning & Afternoon Teas). Payable via Direct Debt (email admin@fatimabacot.com) or via Paypal or Credit Card by clicking below.  SEATS STRICTLY LIMITED


BRING: Water, comfortable clothes, pen and paper, lunch (cafes nearby, though). Morning & Afternoon Tea provided. (If you have special dietary requirements for Morning & Afternoon Tea, please feel free to bring also.)



“Fabulous seminar today…..so informative and so appropriate for these current times. I was entranced from beginning to end and had the most wonderful afternoon. Thank you Fatima for all your knowledge wisdom and generosity. I really recommend this wonderful teacher and mentor to anyone who really wants to know what’s going on globally and within themselves…..she is a lighthouse for all truth seekers!” D Sass

“Wow, still riding the wave…Was a privilege to meet you and drink in your knowledge, wisdom and guidance. Feeling very empowered, inspired and motivated. Some shifts are already presenting themselves…THANKYOU” S Warner

“The teachings that Fatima brings to light for us are full of critical insight and information that we must come to understand. Fatima delivers them [the teachings] with crystal clear clarity, love and compassion. Literally anchoring the lessons into our conscious awareness in real time and introducing a whole new way of being and possibility to our reality.” D Saywell


If you would like to feel….

  • more happy and in charge of your Life and Energies… rather than in overwhelm, ‘failure’, fear, and with confidence issues sabotaging your Happiness
  • ‘connected’….rather than lost and floundering, depressed
  • Free…rather than stuck, confused, in despair
  • relationships flourishing….rather than feeling alone, unsupported, unloved
  • your Mind-Body-Emotions-Spirit in balance…rather than anxious, stressed, panicked or powerless

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Payable via Direct Debt (email admin@fatimabacot.com) or via Paypal or Credit Card by clicking below:


CANCELLATION POLICY: Within 7 days of Seminar start date, there are NO REFUNDS


About Fatima Bacot

Fatima Bacot is a Mindfulness Trainer, New Thought Teacher, Mentor and Author. She is a leading facilitator for MindfulnessWorks NZ/Australia, and has also been a practicing Astrologer and Metaphysical Teacher since 1990.

Fatima presents humanity’s far-ranging, exponentially-unfolding ‘breakdowns and breakthroughs’ in contexts that are illuminating and accessible. She teaches how to navigate change in ways that are balanced so you can thrive.

Additionally, in her private and group work, Fatima brings an incisive spotlight to all her clients, compassionately bringing to light outdated patterns. She ‘prescribes’ the techniques whereby clients and students may heal and master themselves. She shares the wisdom of the ‘Inner Tools of Transformation’ that enable them to consciously create their realities, and to bring authentic balance and prosperity to all key life areas.

Fatima teaches classes, presents workshops, teleseminars and webinars, gives presentations, and consults privately. She has taught in-person throughout Australia, the United States and Mexico, and online to thousands globally.

To view various Testimonials of her contributions to the lives of others, please CLICK HERE.