Diamond Consciousness Astrological Consultations

For many of us, these are stressful, volatile, and often chaotic times. Certainty can be hard to come by, especially when we experience ourselves at one seismic crossroads after another, or are faced with important, life-altering decisions in the midst of great confusion.

Receiving clarity regarding Relationships, Finances, Health, Career and Soul-Purpose….makes a Session with Fatima a wise, evolutionary investment.

“Quite simply Fatima is amazing! I’ve known Fatima since 2008 and had reading, workshop and personal mentoring sessions at various times with her since then. I find the accuracy and depth of her intuitive insights especially valuable. Her holistic understanding enables incisive, powerful, relevant and personalized advice and steps for action and serve as a unique bridge to our own deeper transdimensional understanding and growth. This has granted me a number of breakthroughs and “a-ha!” moments – each one being a potential game-changer. In short, she is a great healer and teacher because she’s all about empowerment, and yet again (!) I have to thank her for all that she has aided me with.”  BG, Japan

Astrology assists us to understand our patterns, weaknesses and strengths so as to empower us.  It provides much-needed clarity in the various areas of our lives.  It dates back perhaps to 4,000 BC Mesopotamia (present-day Iraq, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia).  It is understood that the configuration of planets and stars at the moment of one’s birth provide a blueprint for the journey that we each undertake in life.  In being equipped with such a blueprint, we can better able understand our paths and more constructively apply our free will.  Astrology tells us that we are not born “at random”, but rather, that our lives are filled with purpose, meaning and importance.

The list of famous people who have consulted Astrologers, or with an interest in Astrology, is long.  Actor Robert Downey Jr, actress Megan Fox, physicist Albert Einstein, Khloe Kardashian, the philosopher Plato, Carl Jung, banker JP Morgan, comedian and actor Russell Brand, actor Kelsey Grammar, the scientist Louis Pasteur, Benjamin Franklin, actress Helena Bonham Carter, Winston Churchill, Queen Elizabeth I and Nancy Reagan….to name a very few.

And now, additionally, outstanding breakthroughs in astronomy are expanding our views of our solar system and galaxy, and correspondingly, ourselves. In the same way, Astrology has been ‘contained’ for thousands of years via the known planets in our solar system, we, too, have been contained within what are now the older, collapsing structures of patriarchal government, religion, stifling belief systems, etc…even the concept of ‘karma’.

The discovery of asteroids, centaurs, deep space new dwarf planets, trans-Neptunian objects and the powers of the Galactic Centre, the Great Attractor and the Super Galactic Centre (to name just a few) are providing fascinating insights into the boundless possibilities human beings have at their fingertips to change their lives, as well as co-create the Future.

“It’s time to model astrology on quantum astronomy. As we begin to expand our view of ourselves and venture beyond the solar system, we discover some interesting playmates. Our solar system is not a standalone system. It’s holographically nested within a larger reality. It’s past time for us to open out beyond our current level of consciousness to explore connections to this galactic energy and what it tells us about who we are becoming. (Lorna Bevan)

It’s a time of ‘a new Astrology’, inclusive of such catalytic, deep space elements such as Eris, Haumea, Makemake, Varuna, Ixion, Quaoar, Orcus and Sedna, for instance, vis-à-vis ‘traditional’ astrological placements.  It’s inclusive of Chiron, along with the ‘dark feminine’ placements of Lilith, Kali and Persephone, and so many others.

These placements revolutionize us beyond old paradigm (3D) approaches to running the key areas of our lives, and into increased, multidimensional (5D / Quantum Field) dynamics which enable us to operate from expanded information, capability, possibility. They enable us to plug into a universal, ‘grander Order of Being’ so that we can navigate our lives according to newer, upgraded minds, hearts and bodies.

It’s an exciting time, and one in which we are being supported, as never before, to release, release, release what clearly no longer works for us in our lives.  It is also a time that, through such revolutionary energies, provides answers and (increasingly) spontaneous-healing to long-standing blockages, ‘old scripts’ and toxic patterns that have meant we lived lives crippled by fear, lack, struggle, separation, addiction.

In short, these new placements reflect to us our own expansion, and help to align us with our Creative Agency and Free Will… far more fitting for the boundless Quantum Field within which many of us are recognizing we now play in (or want to play in), and that mystics and quantum physicists have been speaking to for decades now.

In the radical breakdown and breakthrough-expansion we are experiencing now, everything is being reframed for personal and collective creative empowerment.  And this includes your identity, career, relationships, finances and sense of purpose.  The long-standing, seeming split between spirit and matter, heaven and earth, yin and yang, our material lives and spiritual lives, masculine and feminine are being recalibrated into higher dynamics, introducing us all to entirely new ways of being, of being alive, and of being here.

The ‘rainbow lightbridge’ between the old and the new is here, and Astrology (as ever) is a tremendous tool for showing us the way to walk across it and into increased awareness and joy into the key areas of our lives.

The Astrology helps point us in the direction of who we might become, and how to get there.


About Fatima Bacot.

Having studied Astrology since the age of 18 and consulted to thousands globally now, Fatima Bacot specialises in providing exceptional Astrological and intuitive diagnosis…and ‘Diamond Consciousness’ clarity regarding distortion patterns, and who you are and where you are currently headed. Reaching deeply and intuitively, she discovers patterns that are critical for you to release in order to be one with the continuing stream of powerful Energies.

They are co-created with you, in the moment, according to what it is that is most instructive and freeing for you to receive. Crucially, they are specifically solutions-oriented in this time of dramatic transformation.

You are encouraged to supply your queries regarding Relationships, Multdimensionality, Gifts, Talents, Personal Development and Spirituality, Money, Past Lives, Health, Career and Purpose.

Fatima’s work powerfully combines her Intuition and Astrological diagnosis with clear, next steps. You will receive understandings, leads and unique advice to further galvanise yourself into effectiveness and multidimensional empowerment.

This is Healing, Illuminating and Transformational service from a Teacher powerfully grounded in the traditions of the New Physics, New Thought, and the ancient Spiritual Schools.


Where are the Sessions Held?

Sessions are conducted either by Skype or mobile/cell. To download Skype for free, click here.

Session Fees include:

  • preparation and study of your Astrological Chart beforehand
  • your booked Session time with Fatima
  • your Recording

The Recording is emailed to you within 30-mins of the close of the Session for you to listen to again at your leisure.

Consultation Fees:

  • Recorded 60-Minute Session: AUD $235 (approx US $180)

    • Introductory Special: AUD $195 (approx US $150)
      Price: $195.00

  • Recorded 90-minute Session: AUD $350 (approx US $270)

    • Introductory Special: AUD $295 (approx US $225)
      Price: $295.00

Please email Fatima on admin@fatimabacot.com to book on a first come, first served basis.

Australians can also pay by DIRECT DEBIT. Outside Australia, via Paypal or Credit Card. Please email Fatima at admin@fatimabacot.com for details.

Terms & Conditions:

1. Payment: must be received prior to the Session date to confirm your Session as a great deal of preparatory work goes into each Reading, astrologically, numerologically and intuitively.

2. Cancellations: In the event that you need to reschedule, please give at least 24 hours’ notice, otherwise your Fee is forfeited.

3. Recordings: Whilst every attempt is made to record your Session and works without fail 99% of the time, technology isn’t always guaranteed, as we know. If you want to be able to listen to the Session again in the days ahead, you might also choose to have a recording device on your iPhone or Android, or find a way to record the Session on your computer via the many free screen recording softwares now available….just in case.

Gift Certificates

Gift certificates are available also. Please follow the same Session Fees process most convenient to you (as listed above) and then send Fatima an email with the subject header “Gift Certificate” and the recipient’s name and email address. Fatima will be in touch with your recipient via a special email ‘gift card’. Gift Certificates are valid for one year from the date of purchase.

N.B. Please allow up to 2 weeks’ waiting time for your scheduled Session as Sessions are strictly limited to 1 per day at the present time.

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