Wouldn’t It Be Nice If

As the Shift deepens and we transition from the old hierarchial, linear, dominator paradigm into the new horizontal, spiraling, partnership paradigm, we can feel buoyed within the chaos that there are many on the same wavelength within this transition.  They may have different terminologies, different approaches and different areas of interest and livelihood, but they … Read moreWouldn’t It Be Nice If

Impermanence and Aligning with the Mystery

Civilizations rise and fall, and new ones rise (then fall) in their place.  Chapters in our lives begin, flourish and end, only to begin in other ways and in other places….whether our jobs, finances, families, relationships, beliefs, and our own lives. The unchanging axiom is that everything changes, and impermanence underpins all. Life unfolds in … Read moreImpermanence and Aligning with the Mystery

Dreaming with Elvis

Many remark upon information-overload in what seems to be becoming our ‘post-truth-world’.  That is, it is becoming increasingly difficult to look for truth ‘out there’ because in researching any subject whatsoever, there are myriad, contrasting viewpoints and ‘truths’ Is this media outlet fake news, or is it that one? Is there climate change, or no … Read moreDreaming with Elvis

Seeing Yourself and the Biggest Hug

Have you hugged yourself lately? And no, not because you’ve accomplished this or that thing (which is, of course, great and acknowledging yourself is a necessary part of celebrating your accomplishments). No, not for ‘reasons’ to do with accomplishing, but simply because you’re alive and sometimes being here is really tough and really confusing.  Even … Read moreSeeing Yourself and the Biggest Hug