The Future is a Beautiful Complexity

“Even by 2017’s radical astrology, what’s arising now is on a different scale altogether and playing 2018’s theme tune. Yes, something big this way comes- a disturbance in the Force-and , like animals sensing earth tremors, we are already feeling the ground rocking under our feet”  (Lorna Bevan)

Greetings from my new home on the Gold Coast.  This will be the last Blog for the year in a year of very few blogs from me. 

Further below: 

  • NEW!  5D Astrological Lightbridge-Synthesis Consultations
  • The Holy Grail in Spain Tour ~ embodying the Sacred Fire

The shift south 2 weeks ago was not only a geographical one, but yet another overall tectonic shift from one timeline and way of being to another.  An alchemical deconstruction, seismic collapse and release of home, identity, beliefs and career which ran at fever-pitch for me from July to October.

Although such alchemical phases are not new to me, the journey was particularly potent this time around, requiring deeper faith, trust and courage to let go of the older associations, both internally and externally, and to feel my way forward whilst the karmic sweep took place, short-circuiting my usual entry points of intuition and wiping my accustomed security-parameters. 

I know that this ‘home’ is but temporary.  A midway-station between timelines and realities, paths. 

Only 2 days ago, I realized I will return to Canada again for Christmas to attend to my parents and their ailing health.  Yesterday, I intuited a re-location to Spain at the end of February for a few months as part of an ancestral pilgrimage, but also to ground/activate Dark Feminine / Deep Space Light Codes in conjunction with the upcoming “Holy Grail in Spain ~ embodying the Sacred Feminine” Tour in April. 

I am allowing the unfolding. The doorway to the past has slammed shut.

Those of you who have followed my blogs, attended workshops and webinars, and to whom I consulted privately over the years know well the content I’ve spoken to: 

living the light, the quantum field, the power of thought, the paradise matrix, ecstatic states, astrological and galactic alignments, spiritual healing, sacred masculine and feminine, mindfulness, corporatocracy, heart coherence, geopolitics, money-masters, solar flares, the Mayan Calendar, suppressed technology, holographic reality and re-patterning, DNA activation, sacred sexuality, chakras, sacred economics, lightgrids, merkabahs…and so much more.

These aspects are now being augmented into new ways forward to fold into, and contribute to, our fast-changing world as we collectively freefall into new vistas of freedom.

It is a world where ‘truth’ is well and truly coming to light from milli-second to milli-second in a dizzying, disconcerting cocktail of news and fake-news (with these terms interchangeable depending upon one’s personal belief system and orientation).


The Accelerating Defrag into a Vast and Beautiful Complexity

I believe it’s fair to say for many of us, not only has ‘Elvis’ well and truly ‘left the building’….many of us have also ‘left the building’, myself included, as we watch the accelerating defrag, crash-and-burn demolition of the old patriarchal order and its grasping for control via the tired, destructive ‘us-vs-them’ modus operandi.

Amongst many of us, the recognition has dawned that we have moved beyond the fixed, linear, concrete timeline we were born into….and we are experiencing instead a ‘new reality’ that is more fluid, multilayered and malleable, with ‘time’ able to be sped up or slowed down, stretched and bent.  Best of all (and unnervingly so), in this ‘new’ space, there are no rules as we’ve known them, no ‘independent authority’ or God judging, no karma, no contracts, and certainly, no expectation of being ‘saved’ by an outside agent. 

In this ‘new reality’ we are each wholly responsible for all our perceptions and for the quality of our consciousness, with the mirrors of that quality everywhere. 

Only, it’s a hall of mirrors, not just one.

In the letting go of the older timeline, we instead experience a vaster, more complex one that shows us that there is not just ‘one new reality’.  In fact, there are limitless realities.  That is, endless ways to get out of bed of a morning….and greet, co-create and experience the day.

It is a (disconcerting) world we have entered where chaos is the new normal.  A world of morphogenetic fields, the emerging deep feminine and resurrected masculine, parallel realities, entanglement theory, unity consciousness….all part and parcel of a thriving planetary consciousness millions and billions of years in the making, and built out of a living library of possible realities, no longer strictly hierarchical but horizontal and every which way, with many tribes and associations forming. 

The old patriarchal timeline is progressively being left ‘in the dust’, and augmented or new realities entirely are emerging, corresponding to an evolutionary trajectory that has progressively switched the previous main modus operandi of the mind into that of the Heart instead. 

In this space, LOVE is clearly experienced as the Key Universal Principle and Underlying Order of all Existence. 

In this space, we KNOW we are each Love Itself.

What we are living in is the forecasted, multidimensional Living Library (ref Barbara Marciniak) of diverse frequency, dimensional flux, possibility and potential.  We are seeing the jewel that is the Earth is where the cosmic party is (ref Barbara Hand Clow), and where Sovereignty and Total Personal Responsibility are pre-requisites, as are Freedom and Free Will.  Life here is populated with ever-increasing, interdimensional, entangled, cross-fertilizing synchronistic events in the form of wonderful people, places, intuitions and circumstances, with exploration and experimentation key….and entrapping judgment necessarily a thing of the past.


Intent and Frequency ARE Reality

This is the hardwon time of personal freedom and recognizing it’s your life and the quality of your Consciousness is entirely your business…with ‘Guidance’ as we’ve known it also having ‘left the building’ in large part. 

Many are experiencing Guides as no longer there, and this is so, as we clear out the rest of our old lives and beliefs….in step with receiving Higher Insights from the deep spaces of the cellular structure, as well as from deep spaces in the Universe. The exit-stage-left of the Guides contributes to the deep emptiness as we learn to synchronize ourselves to larger, galactic universal energies, intelligence and principles.

In the process there’s a sense of having no direction, whilst simultaneously feeling there are numerous options available in each moment.  Yes, it is unnerving, to say the least as we make our ways towards Galactic Consciousness, just like all the sci-fi movies portend.

As we come down the runway of 2017 and deeper into what is our continuing, stunning landscape of radical, uncharted change in a swirling vortex of catalytic, wildly expanding energies, however we each personally experience all of these, we need to be very clear with respect to Energy, Frequency, Vibration, Focus, Intent because….Intent and Frequency ARE Reality.  Wisely understood and applied, these are joyfully Self-Sustaining Sovereignty and Sovereign Authority based on an alignment with Higher Consciousness and Universal Principles of Love, Harmony, Unity, Generosity, Creativity and Joy.

We know from quantum physics that numerous potentials exist and interpenetrate within any given moment.  We know we live in an ocean of interconnected possibility, with Focus, Thought, Intent and Feeling the key components that give rise to the realities we experience in our bodies, lives, finances, relationships, purpose, etc in conjunction with the larger powers and forces at work in radically expanding, wide-open vistas.

As such, your personal capacity to discern and anchor into the various potentials that lie within the expanded frequency-bandwidth/spectrum is specifically indicative of how much possibility/information/potential you can absorb, stabilize, maintain, radiate, receive….and therefore, what you can alter and what you can experience. 

Correspondingly, the lower your own overall frequency (in fear, unworthiness, blame, lack, despair, powerlessness, etc), the less frequency/attractor-capacity and reality-potential you are able to play within.  The less in charge of your overall experience you will be.  The more ‘fate’ takes care of the business of your evolutionary growth.

On the other hand, the higher and deeper your overall frequency, the more of your brain, neurology, DNA, senses and multidimensional creativity you are playing with as a Creator Being, and the more you can shapeshift your circumstances outside, within and beyond the old linear construct, bound as it is by control, ‘time’ and ‘space’.  The more you can play in an illumined, holographic grid matrix in the Universal Consciousness that is the New Earth and its Crystalline Grids, abiding by harmonious Universal Principles. 

The divide and control system is being overwritten by a whole new version of reality – systems theory, complexity, quantum mechanics, epigenetics, cosmology and the science of consciousness. In these systems, wealth and influence aren’t concentrated. Each part of the web of life has abundant resources and the capacity to influence every other part.” Carolyn Baker, Conscious Collapse


A Thriving Planetary Consciousness

Via conscious choice, amplified Heart Frequencies and subsequent higher-frequency alignment, we have access to understandings and potentials previously unknown within many frequency-bands simultaneously, as well as to the multidimensional possibilities we have long-intuited that assist us to reside in, and create the New….a thriving planetary consciousness.

As we further tap into the frequencies-of-possibility (housed within our own bodies, DNA, chakras, etc), we connect to our Limitlessness – and all forms of unworthiness, confusion, doubt, illness, poverty, lack, struggle, anxiety, depression, enslavement, conflict and destruction are ‘bypassed’ because we just don’t plug into them anymore.  They come to cease to exist, as does the old ‘divide and conquer’ Timeline. We remember the Truth of Existence.  We remember the Truth of Who we Really Are:  Eternal Beings of Limitless Love.

This is one of the great Gifts and the Grace of this unprecedented moment.

“If the brain is the radio’s receiver then the heart is the dial tuning the radio to the frequency of your choice” Nasseim Haramein

We instead experience the New Earth Timeline and its fundamental, elegant Oneness, Unity, Peace, Prosperity, Appreciation and Joy, in a ‘new’ worldview/civilisation, equipped with our ‘new’ abilities, in this Now.  The New Earth exists already as a reflection of a particular frequency-state, accessed by Conscious Choice and Harmonic Resonance….and we ‘get busy’ with being here and creating the New, delightfully ‘entangled’ with Source-Energy streaming from the Galactic Core.

And so, the rest of 2017 and beyond will, for many, be characterised by ongoing, painful breakdown and restructuring out of the old timeline-matrix, and by ‘waking up’ into understandings that our experiences are indelibly tied in with our choices of thought, intent, feeling and frequency as the determinants of wellbeing as it relates to all areas of life.

For others, it will be all about freely playing, exploring and experimenting from a far more integrated, multidimensional, authentic, crazy-free version of oneself….perhaps long-glimpsed, but finally here and available for embodiment.

The long-forecast ‘New Earth’ is here, the future is now…and you decide the Ride you’re on.


Current Offerings to Assist your Journey:

NEW!  5D Astrology Lightbridge-Synthesis Sessions

Astrology for thousands of years has been ‘contained’ within our solar system, in the same way our own experiences were contained within the rigid structures of government, religion, stifling belief systems, etc…even karma.

But spectacular, ongoing breakthroughs in astronomy are expanding our views of our solar system, and correspondingly, of ourselves. 

Placements such as Eris, Makemake, Varuna, the Super Galactic Centre, the Galactic Attractor, Haumea and more synthesize us to greater swathes of Light, information, capability, possibility. They move us beyond the 3D ‘linear playpen’ into multidimensional 5D dynamics, and beyond.  They plug us into holographic, universal movements, signatures, equations, laws, possibilities, blueprints.

They bridge our journeys into effective awakening, clarity, resourcefulness, liberation, inner knowing, transformation, sovereignty, creativity….healing us of deep traumas, addictions, old beliefs and ties to the old, toxic timeline.  They synchronize us and plug us into the Galaxy and harmonize and align us with sovereign limitlessness.  Introductory Specials Available. Find out more HERE


Holy Grail in Spain in Tour ~ embodying the Sacred Fire (15-30 April 2018)

The emerging Deep Feminine in the guise of the Black Madonna is set to revolutionize our lives 2018 going forward.  This is the domain of the Awakener and this deeply-experiential, sense-electrifying Tour is for you if you feel the call to dive into profound Alchemical Transformation in an exquisite, powerful, sacred and very surreal landscape.  It’s for you if you know you have a bigger Purpose within and a calling to embody and share Who you Really Are.

Our 4-star journey starts in Barcelona, we will travel throughout the Pyrenees in the northeast of Spain. It is an area rich in Grail Myths and references to the Black Madonna, herself affiliated with Isis from earlier times, and also affiliated with the Grail, the Virgin Mary, Mary Magdalene and the ‘Dark Feminine’ of deep mystery, deep wisdom and sacred sexuality/sensuality (long repressed by organized religion).  We will visit areas associated with the Knights Templar and the Grail, and with places that may have served as the inspiration for the tales of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table.

Those who join the Tour are ‘called’ and will form a constellation of energies specific for these times.    Find out more HERE

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Fatima xx

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These are the Times

From what I’m personally feeling and reading amongst friends and contemporaries, May is set to be a HUGE BREAKDOWN & BREAKTHROUGH MONTH on numerous levels simultaneously.  Moving us all further away from accustomed, stuck behaviours….into freed-up energy, possibility, potential. 

Make no mistake:  it’s an Inner Revolution that is taking place.
In my own life, I am personally navigating the new-territory development of the upcoming “Healing Mental Health Issues Holistically” Workshops (and all this requires from a PR, marketing, program-writing, organizational perspective of deciding upon venues, ticketing, etc);  the concurrent development of a 23-module program scheduled for release later this year;  and the ongoing commitments to current mindfulness trainings, mentoring students and life in general (laundry, shopping, cooking, walking the dog!!)

I am seeing and experiencing my own ‘tipping points’, the stifling parameters of my old container of self, and the simultaneous call to very quickly release elements of ‘what was’ in favour of what is New and incoming.  There have been many internal ‘deaths’ of identity, services, allegiances, internal scripts….and more…to make way for all that is New.
AND, these calls are happening for all of us in the key life areas of relationships, spirituality, finances, health, career, purpose and more.  Elements that have been ‘meaningful and true’ in the past are now under a microscopic eye as to ongoing relevance, or instead, relegation to obsolescence.
At large, humanity is also at a ‘tipping point’ filled with both challenging breakdowns and exhilarating breakthroughs. Millions are awakening and reaching for ‘more’ so that they can live happier, more purposeful, harmonious and prosperous lives. At head-spinning, meltdown speeds, we are outgrowing the container of limiting beliefs, or being compelled (forced) to do so. 

It’s a time when many are undergoing profound journeys and making radical decisions to discover and configure into the New and tap into greater levels of happiness, harmony, purpose, peace and prosperity on terms other than the stifling status quo.

It’s a time of re-invention where ‘what was’ comes to a (sometimes screaming, crashing) halt.   Things can look and feel very chaotic, and they are.  It IS a time of chaos as the old gets wrenched out of our lives to make space for the New.
It’s also a time to be ultra-clear and gather your skills to move away move away from the old programs that keep you inside the box.  As in skills to:

  • calm your mind and reduce spinning your wheels, burnout, anxiety and stress
  • sculpt & manifest a New Life in your key Life Areas
  • flow the ‘Ecstatic States’ of Praise, Love, Sovereignty, Forgiveness and Appreciation that are super-frequency-keys to your freedom and unique vision
  • tune into and work with your Inner GPS and ‘bend time’ so you can jump timelines into the New
  • encounter your potential, and learn to trust life
  • partner with the benevolent, loving energy of the Universe to align you to your Highest Good and creatively fulfill your dreams
  • void karma and attract the people, places resources and finances you need so you can enjoy your life and make a greater difference in the world
  • create the best outcomes for yourself and those around you


All this involves ongoing, alert Awareness, Clear Intent, Free Will, Self-Love and Connectedness.  It involves bypassing, dissolving and transcending those elements in our belief systems that tether us to the old in projection, blame, limitation….and sabotage us.  Yes, it’s the forecasted Evolutionary “Big-Switch”, large as life, staring us in the face now, asking, “What are you waiting for?

The fact is:  you are NOT hardwired.  You are a Limitless Creator and you live in a Field of Energy comprised of intelligent, benevolent, responsive energies that you are able to freely and consciously partner with and CREATE THE NEW. 

Ask yourself: what is it that’s within you waiting to be made manifest?  Find the answer, and RISE.  Be it.  Do it.  Share it.

I am wishing you so much Success, Grace and Magnificence.  I am opening wide my Heart in intention that you establish your unique, sovereign footing in the New.  Your time is NOW.

And finally… 

Private Sessions:  for those who are interested in privately working with me, I can still offer both Diamond Consciousness Astro-Intuitive Sessions and a placement in my Diamond Awareness & Transformation Mindfulness (and Creating Reality) Program.  It may be that these offerings will be let go of, too, as the New services come to the fore.  I sincerely don’t know.  However, if you feel called to work with me privately to give you some necessary navigational and creation perspectives and tools right now, please do reach out. 

Please scroll down for these offerings. 

With all my Love and Care,

Fatima xx


Diamond Consciousness Astro-Intuitive Sessions:  using Astrology and working with Numerology also, I combine Intuition, diagnosis and trends with clear, next steps for your Power, Abundance and Purpose.  You will receive understandings, leads and unique advice to further galvanise yourself into effectiveness and empowerment.  Such tools enable your Path to greater Freedom, Abundance and Wisdom in all areas of your Life. 
60-min Recorded Session  normally $175, on special for $125
90-min Recorded Session normally $250, on special for $175 

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The SPECIAL MAY FEE is $1995 upfront (normally $2395), or $2395 in instalments (normally $2695) to suit YOU.   

I currently have just ONE space left to receive new Students. Please CLICK HERE to review the many components within this life-changing Program.

To YOUR Magnificence!

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The Worthiness Key

In my life, I discovered a very powerful key as I went along.  A key that, unbeknownst to me for most of my life, eventually became THE KEY.   And that Key….is Worthiness.

Looking back, without it I experienced very personal battles with anorexia nervosa, depression, suicidal tendencies, a feeling of ‘not mattering and having no right to be alive’, along with an extremely crippling ‘inner critic’.   These arose out of many unresolved childhood and generational traumas that created tremendous internal suffering and self-sabotage.

All of these, I understand now, arose out of a core, false belief of being unworthy, and by extension, unlovable, shameful, ‘bad’ and painfully inferior.

Paradoxically, this false belief contributed to setting me off on the path of achievement, relentless self-improvement and helping others as compensatory ways in which I could feel good about myself.  It wasn’t the only reason for setting on the path, but it turns out it was a significant one.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with achievement and helping others, of course. I developed a marvelous personal and spiritual development business consulting to thousands online and in-person. I traveled throughout Australia, the United States and Mexico to bring others my perspectives and wisdoms regarding the Global Shift in Consciousness and tools to be free of  toxics beliefs from the inside-out.  My point is that as I went along, I discovered I was also doing this from a rocky foundation of perceived inferiority, and trying to fill the emptiness of imagined unworthiness with external accomplishments.

So, although I actually started my overall journey with the knowing that ‘there must be more’ (yay!), what also relentlessly drove me to achieve was the desire to feel worthy so that I could free myself of the crippling, imagined unworthiness.

The Lie of Continual Improvement

At the time, in the earlier days, I did believe that the journey was about continual self-improvement and clearing this or that imbalance so that I could finally be free.

What I didn’t know was this:  unconditionally and intrinsically worthy is what we are.

I came to understand that worthiness is not something that is achieved, gained, forged:  it something we come to recognize as intrinsically true about each of us, and we live our lives from that truth.  It is something that we ‘uncover and retrieve’, something we remember, from underneath all of the assumed, indoctrinated false beliefs that can incapacitate us.  Worthy is what we are.  We are worthy because we exist, because we were born.

There is no worthiness to ‘prove’.  Neither to oneself nor to anyone.

Externalizing Worthiness

For most of us, though, our experiences as we grow and move in life, tell us otherwise.  Our environments (parents, schools, religions, media, careers) may in fact ‘teach us’, that we are less than, inferior and that we have to ‘jump through hoops’ and ‘please or wow others’ to prove our worth and brilliance, to be loved and accepted, and get on in life.  We believe we have to keep complying with others’ standards of right behavior and action, beliefs, success, being ‘nice’, being ‘good’.  It reduces us to looking to others to provide us with the feelings of whether we are worthy or not.

And we can go the opposite way, too, capitulating to the false belief, and plunging into a black hole.  We can collapse, abdicate into those black holes of depression, despair, panic, and perceived powerlessness as easily as we can fight to ‘achieve’.  It’s the same black hole of a false perception, and there’s no life there.  YOU are not there, and that’s why it feels so empty.

We are all living with all sorts of internalized, negative judgments, standards, criticisms, self-talk and rules that keep us striving and pushing for that sense of worthiness….or running and distracting ourselves from our perceived unworthiness.  Judgments, standards, criticisms, self-talk and rules that have nothing to do with who we are and that obscure our magnificence.


The Results of Unworthiness

Without worthiness, we may be massively successful outwardly, but chronically empty inside and we may be struggling profoundly.

Without worthiness, we may work at our success in our relationships and businesses so hard, for example, as that way to compensate for, and fill up, an inner feeling of being unworthy, inferior, alone, an imposter, untalented, a fake…and still feel that we and our lives are empty and without meaning.

Without worthiness, we are challenged to feel confident, stable, secure

Without worthiness, we may feel we have to control everything and everyone to get our needs meet, be heard, be successful, be included

Without worthiness, we may feel continually stressed, chasing goals, fixing ourselves, ever-improving, running from ourselves, or engaged in addictive behaviours to avoid ourselves and feel good for a while (whilst berating ourselves all the more for the addictions)

Without worthiness, we look to others and to the outside world for that validation that we are loved, connected and that we matter.

The journey of life does uncover the falsehood of unworthiness when we are willing to look beyond and into the perceived inferiority and that quest to improve, improve, improve, or to capitulate.


It’s All in the Perception

It is a matter of perception, not fixing.  That is, it’s about waking up and landing into the fundamental truth that you cannot be improved.  Yes, you can learn this and that, you can forge this and that, you will experience this and that, but that when it comes to you personally and intrinsically, there’s nothing wrong.  You are. You are who you are.  You exist.  The journey, in other words, reveals the lie that you need to become someone other than who you are to be successful, to fit in, be loved, be worthy, to belong.  To matter at all.

As we undertake the journey to wake up from the trance of unworthiness and own the truth of our magnificent worthiness, we start to see life through fresh eyes.  We start to see ourselves as unique individuals and that we don’t need to chase and perform to be loved.  We don’t need to twist ourselves inside out in order to be accepted.  We cease caring so much about others’ opinions in that never-ending bid to be loved and accepted.  We are able to experience worthiness, love and acceptance from within ourselves and encounter life from solid foundation of these qualities.  We cease losing power, vitality, creativity and lifeforce from within ourselves and we retrieve and shine off talents and perspectives that we perhaps once discarded.  We forgive ourselves for having thought we were ever anything other than worthy.

Instead of fighting ourselves, we then have more energy, vitality and creativity to focus into all our life areas, and make of them successes according to our own unique dreams and desires.

Worthiness feels like… love, confidence, knowing, certainty, stability, success, fun, joy, wellbeing, abundance, cherishing, appreciation, synchronicity, empowerment, enthusiasm, world is your oyster, passion, freedom, support and many other uplifting, appreciating qualities.

Unworthiness feels like… depression, anxiety, abdication, despair, shame, failure, illness, overwhelm, worry, jealously, powerlessness, loneliness, being stuck, blame, poverty-consciousness, self-sabotage, self-doubt, self-hate, judgment, criticism, resentment and many other debilitating, depreciating qualities.

And whilst the more challenging thoughts, emotions and circumstances may indeed drive us to forge many talents, gifts and successes in many areas of our lives with great determination and persistence, we still feel empty and unfulfilled inside.  We are believing the lie, the false premise about ourselves.

In Closing

Let me leave you with these words from the marvelous Osho Zen Tarot Deck and what it says this for the “Comparison” card:

“Whoever told you that the bamboo is more beautiful than the oak, or the oak more valuable than the bamboo?  Do you think the oak wishes it had a hollow trunk like this bamboo?  Does the bamboo feel jealous of the oak because it is bigger and its leaves change color in the fall?  The very idea of the two comparing themselves to each other seems ridiculous, but we humans seem to find this habit very hard to break.

“Comparison brings inferiority, superiority.  When you don’t compare, all inferiority, all superiority, disappear.  Then you are;  you are simply there.  A small bush or a big tall tree ~ it doesn’t matter; you are yourself.  You are needed.  A grass leaf is needed as much as the biggest star.  Without the grass leaf, existence will be less than it is.  This sound of the cuckoo is needed as much as any buddha;  the world will be less, will be less rich if this cuckoo disappears.

“Just look around.  All is needed, and everything fits together.  It is an organic unity:  nobody is higher and nobody is lower;  nobody superior;  nobody inferior.  Everybody is incomparably unique.” 

For information on:

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To your incomparable uniqueness, magnificence and worth,


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New Direction and a New Phase

thetrumanshow09This is a little announcement to share my incoming ‘New Direction and a New Phase’ as I choose to leave behind the particular ‘voice’ with which I wrote my blogs, seminars and programs, particularly over these last 10 years. Content on the website has changed and will continue to do so.  I have ‘disappeared’ all the old blogs.

All sorts of subject matter relating to the Global Shift in Consciousness was written and shared, and it was my privilege to do so.  I’ve spent the last 25 years for the most part heralding, anticipating, charting and interpreting the ‘breakdowns and breakthroughs’ of the Shift in Consciousness. 

But now, rather than facilitating in quite the same way that I once did, I will be leading even more with our inherent abilities to ‘create the realities’ we want to experience as we continue through these massive, accelerating changes on all fronts, both personally and globally.  I intend to be even more creating-reality-focused vis-a-vis who we really are as Deliberate Creators, and as both witnesses and participants in a Global Shift, leading with:

  • Scientific, evidence-based research of Thought, Emotion and Heart Coherence as the powerful building-blocks of creating reality in the Limitless, Intelligent Field
  • Mindfulness as one’s stable foundation and “ground-zero”
  • Metaphysical Teachings that are humanity’s great heritage and treasure in its eternal quest to understand life and the universe, and the possible origins and meanings of our existence

…with the above functioning as non-dogmatic pathways for freedom, expansion, prosperity and limitless living for individuals, groups and corporations to dynamically and imaginatively thrive in our New Paradigm.

Global changes are literally shattering the many things we’ve taken for granted, or that we thought were true, reliable, permanent, unchanging.  Doors are opening everywhere we look into new, uncharted territory.  It’s exciting, challenging and entirely unprecedented.

Leading-edge science continues to explode the old paradigm myths and outdated ideologies about human beings being ‘small, powerless and needing to be managed’ by authorities of all persuasions and kinds, or that we are hardwired and incapable of change. It’s dissolving long-held myths about reality being run by so-considered ‘irrefutable’ laws that date back, unchanged, to the Big Bang and that make everything run predictably, like clock-work.  Instead, leading-edge, evidence-based science builds upon what physicists discovered around early 1900 and since, and mirrors what mystics and philosophers down through the ages have long maintained:  that both we and reality are malleable.  All is possible.  Nothing is fixed in what is a limitless Field of Intelligent, Universal Energy.  ‘The Miraculous Field’, as you would know from previous blogs, talks and seminars.  They tell us that thought, emotion, feeling, vibration and frequency, when focused, change the outcomes we end up experiencing.

In other words, we are far more powerful than we realize.  And….we can learn to live far more freely, abundantly, happily.  What I personally call ‘The Red Carpet Effect’.  We can learn how to alter our conditions for the better.  Even the most entrenched, most painful ones. 

Globally and in our personal lives, powerful desires for greater personal freedom and stability, and for freedom from suffering, are on the rise.  People have had enough of limitation, corruption, spin.   For literally millions at large now, the ‘old paradigm’ isn’t making much sense…politically, economically, and otherwise.  People are tired, exhausted, have had ‘enough”, want to ‘unplug’….WANT CHANGE…in their relationships, health, finances, governments, and with their sense of Purpose and Meaning. 

And….never has there been before so many people on a worldwide scale, from every walk of life, who feel the desire to alter their circumstances for the better as now, or a time when the necessary impetus and resources to do so have been so readily available.

And simultaneously as a part of these desires, it is a time now of increased chaos and heartbreaking violence and cruelty worldwide, of long-cherished but outdated belief systems being under fire, of disturbing shadows rising to the surface, of ongoing instability in global financial markets, and increasing marginalization, anger and anxiety.  Many are feeling enormous uncertainty, fear, displacement and stress, whether within themselves, their minds and emotions, relationships, health and finances, or in their companies, communities and countries.  Right across the board.

So, it’s a volatile time, and things can end just as quickly as they begin, and the other way around, too.

It is a huge, huge, evolutionary, unique global moment.  We are in pioneering, new territory.  What Charles Eisenstein calls “The Fertile Ground of Bewilderment”.  (He was writing about Brexit specifically, but it is apt overall as an ‘all-round’ meme, no matter what the subject.)

And powerfully in all this, technology has shown us (along with so much else) that there isn’t just one perspective or ideology that is ‘right’.  In fact, there are 7.5-billion perspectives, with no two people seeing the world or ‘reality’ in exactly the same way, even if they live in the same household or street. ‘Right’ is now more and more seen to be specifically in the eye of the beholder and is truly personal.  Everything is on the table.

This tells us, amongst our significant challenges, that we have a veritable smorgasbord of choices, options, belief systems and interpretations at our fingertips and that we can taste and ‘order up’.  We are limited only by the quality of our most dominant thoughts, emotions and feelings.  Once we know how to bring these enhanced choices and options into our lives, we can truly free ourselves into greater Wellbeing, Joy and Abundance. 

Our beliefs about ourselves and our own capabilities as well as how we see the world and the forces at play in it affect what we will find possible.  How we see things affects how much energy we have for doing things and our choices about where to channel what energy where do have.  (Jon Kabat-Zinn, founding Executive Director of the Center for Mindfulness in Medicine, Health Care, and Society.  Author of “Full Catastrophe Living”)

The Power truly is within.

So stay tuned.   I look forward to our next stages together. 


In appreciation for you all, and for everything ~ fatimaFatima

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