Women’s Mysteries 7-Session Sacred Online Temple

Three months in Spain have shown me many things.  And in this final day in Malaga in Andalucia in southern Spain, I have been shown all the more the Joy of Living, as if to indelibly stamp it within.  And for me, that Joy of Living is very ‘Red’. That is, filled with passion, power, music, heart, heat and sexuality…with all these very evident here.  It has been an extraordinary time.

Yesterday as I sat at La Teteria cafe, drinking coffee and writing, there was first one, then later another, flamenco guitarist.  Their playing and singing made my Heart soar as the power of their passion poured through.

And I thought of that saying,

“Don’t die with your music still in you.”

I vowed to myself to continue to embrace life as fully as possible in what are clearly turning-point times where we are rapidly moving now from one evolutionary paradigm to another.  Physicists, personal development leaders, biologists, visionaries and mystics the world over all attest to theIS Shift, along with the power we all internally possess to change our lives from the inside-out by consciously and actively directing our focus, thoughts and emotions into the New.

A critical part of this Shift is the return of the Sacred Feminine after 5,000 years of patriarchal repression.  We are watching women rise to power as never before, and by extension, we will witness the final collapse over these next years of patriarchy and all its toxic structures of control, destruction and continual warring.

Correspondingly, there is even greater focus now in personal and spiritual development circles upon healing the toxicity relating to those 5,000 years of repression so that we can ‘make the evolutionary jump’ to the New…

The Women’s Mysteries 7-Session Sacred Online Temple

…is a transformational, integrative journey with a small, intimate Group to assist with reclaiming our ‘lost’ Feminine Self and its Sexuality, Essence, Magnetism an Power.  We will embrace ourselves with compassion, in deep surrender and love to bring to light, and to heal, our sexual pasts, body-shame and the accumulated fears, density, blockages, toxic imprints and memories stored in our bodies that inhibit growth, happiness, abundance and freedom in all areas of our lives.

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Life-Defining Times + My Juicy, NEW Offerings Going Forward

Over 20 years ago, the marvelous American author and visionary, Amorah Quan Yin, gave a talk at the Sydney Esoteric Bookshop.  At the end, I bought one of her books and approached her to sign it.  She looked at me, paused a few moments, then wrote:

                   “Fatima, the Earth needs your Sacred Sexuality”.

Back then, I had no idea what Amorah meant, but I’ve never forgotten it.

Since that time, I’ve had the honour to consult to thousands from all walks of life and from all over the world in numerous formats on the paradigm-shifts that were coming (now well and truly here), and on how to masterfully and compassionately address the most crippling problems and powerfully transform life’s key areas.

Subject matter and methodologies involved, for instance, the Global Shift in Consciousness, 2012, Heart Coherence, Mindfulness, Living the Light, Creating Reality, Ascension, Freedom from the Money-Masters, Earthchanges, Solar Flares, the Fifth Dimension, DNA Activation, Diamond Consciousness, the Law of Attraction, Astrology, Chakras, the Tarot, the Mayan Calendar, Quantum Physics, Holographic Repatterning, the Holy Grail, the Sacred Fire, Timeline Jumping, the Black Madonna, Presence, the New Earth and more.

And now, the subject matter of the Sacred Feminine, and most particularly Sexual Energy, is back to being front and center in my focus. The time has (finally) come for me to fully dedicate myself to sharing the Teachings, as well as why it’s critical for us now.

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Hello from Benidorm + Tour Registrations CLOSING SOON

I am writing from my beautiful cousin’s apartment in Benidorm with its outlook over the east coast.  I arrived last night by train from Zaragoza. The last time I was here, I was just 18 and only truly beginning my travel adventures. Little did I know then what an important, necessary part of my life travel would become….

These last 3 weeks in Spain have been transformational, revealing, healing, challenging, exhilarating.  It is all that a pilgrimage is expected to be, and I have been triggered to evolve from one state of how I am with my life, to another…in the great, mystical tradition of all pilgrimages.

With just one month to go now before the “Holy Grail in Spain Tour ~ embodying the Sacred Fire” officially begins, the truth of what I wrote you in February, is all the more evident:

“…a pilgrimage is something that takes people out of their ordinary life and cares – removes the known scaffolding of their life – and that sends them on a walking meditation into the unknown with a singular purpose:  deepening their connection to their spirit by arriving in many sacred places….(with)…the ability to suspend time, where the visitor leaves the profane world and enters the eternal through the portal to the sacred.”

Pilgrimage is a place of standing on the edge, holding paradoxes and stretching your perceived limits. It’s a space to transform what has been outgrown into gifts to share with yourself and with others.

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In the Crossroads of our Lives

I don’t know about you, but I have a number of dear friends around me right now in crisis.

Some are grieving the loss of departed, beloved friends and relatives. Others are grieving the loss of how their lives used to be, or their health. Others are experiencing intense feelings of purposelessness, meaninglessness, emptiness. Others are facing crises relating to rebuilding their lives after the crash-and-burn of their previous lives, relationships, jobs.

Some are having to learn who they really are after being jolted awake from the imposed conditions of others’ and society’s opinions and expectations, or by finding themselves emotionally bankrupt at the hands of others’ misdeeds.

Some are struggling to break free of ingrained patterns of unworthiness, abandonment, rejection.

At the very least, many people that I know (in-person and online) are experiencing a chaotic mix of ups and downs, of clarity and confusion.

As you may know from various of my recent Facebook postings and from blogs since 2010, it is a long-heralded, INTENSE TIME that will rebirth and regenerate all areas of our lives.

We are in the midst of a moment that is demanding that we grow and free ourselves into truer expressions of ourselves.  That how we’ve been, both personally and collectively, is deep in major, unprecedented change…for a New Era entirely.

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Letter from Girona: Journey to the SACRED PLACES Within

As part of this 2 weeks here in Girona, I am again in deep development, not only to cross all the t’s and dot all the i’s of the accommodation, restaurants, tours, transport for April….but to live the shamanic elements of the Black Madonna / Dark Feminine, Holy Grail and the Sacred Fire .and let these move me energetically to shift, shift, shift what has been outgrown and to live all the more fully.

Hours before I left for Spain, I wrote you,

…a pilgrimage is something that takes people out of their ordinary life and cares – removes the known scaffolding of their life – and that sends them on a walking meditation into the unknown with a singular purpose:  deepening their connection to their spirit by arriving in many sacred places.” 

I must admit, there have been many moments in the last 10 days here in Spain when I’ve felt gripped by a ‘what the hell am I doing here’ sort of feeling.  Almost a ‘dread’ if you will, particularly because at this point I am traveling alone.

However, the thing is:  I am traveling alone deliberately so.  I am consciously choosing to remove the scaffolding of my life, old ideas, timelines and emotions…in order to transform and to thus experience myself and my life in a totally fresh way.

To that end, I watched “El Camino” with Martin Sheen online the other night.  I’ve been re-visiting Patrice Chaplin’s writings regarding her pioneering spiritual adventures right here in Girona.  These are about embarking on personal journeys of transformation, just as I have done, and as Participants in April will do during the Tour.

And yet, whilst I am drawing from the experiences of other ‘pilgrims’ and pioneers from both recent times and ages long past, I am not looking to walk in others’ footsteps in this sacred landscape for the meanings they personally derived:  I am drawing on the energy and wisdom of such footsteps in order to more consciously walk my own ‘Camino / Way’ in a much more authentic, real, passionate way.

Such journeying brings one face to face with the deeper aspects of what makes one tick and why one sees the world in the way that they do.

Such journeying takes you outside your own known, comfortable perimeters and re-positions you in relationship to yourself and to Life Itself.

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Transcendent Spain, I’M ON MY WAY TONIGHT…and “You”?

With just hours to go before I board my flight to Barcelona to live in Spain for the next 3 months, I am sitting here in the sun on my daughter’s balcony in Surry Hills, Sydney, feeling a similar moment of import from December 2012.

July – December 2012 was when I’d also packed up my career, my home and my belongings to leave Australia then for what turned out to be deep connecting with my family in Canada as well as friends in the United States, along with 16 months on and off living, teaching and traveling in surreal, passionate Mexico.  It was a glorious adventure of many revelations, encounters, twists, turns and transformations….with plans intuitively arising on a ‘need to know basis’

It was also ‘pilgrimage’ to deeper places within, catalyzed by the diverse places I stayed, the challenges and breakthroughs experienced, and the generosity of those I connected with.

In my reading recently of “The Spiritual Traveler: Spain ~ a Guide to Sacred Sites and Pilgrim Routes” to further enrich my facilitation of April’s “Holy Grail in Spain” Tour, I came across this marvellous paragraph:

“…a pilgrimage is something that takes people out of their ordinary life and cares – removes the known scaffolding of their life – and that sends them on a walking meditation into the unknown with a singular purpose:  deepening their connection to their spirit by arriving in many sacred places.”

Right now, as I sit on the balcony, I recognize the familiar packing-up of a life that has occurred over these months since July 2017.  I have a ‘headquarters’ on the Gold Coast, yes, but the Soul, Heart and Mind are already flying into the vortex of that sacred, transcendent land, Spain.

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April Approaches for a Surreal “Transformation into Empowerment and Joy” in SPAIN

It is no secret we are living in times of great shift.  Everybody I am connected with is feeling that push to release the past and to evolve into a new Life entirely…beyond old patterns, dogma, conditions, authority.

This is part of the Return of the Sacred Feminine in 2018 (see HERE

In this regard, the extraordinary Holy Grail Tour in Spain is a mystical adventure that has been specifically designed to transport each Participant into the alchemical magic of an exhilarating, deeply passionate culture in the ecstatic embrace of truly surreal landscapes, exquisite food, dance, music, fiery people and breathtaking sites…and emerge transformed.


Imagine how, as you move from one striking location to the next, you will nurture the conditions for transformation deep within yourself, and in all areas of your life…releasing outdated, karmic ties to the past and to self-sabotage….bringing empowerment, passion, healing, renewal, awakening and JOY.

Imagine receiving new tools of transformation, and reclaiming dormant gifts, talents, perceptions, abilities and life force energy.

Is this you?  A much more empowered, on-purpose, Soul-centred individual, with the ability to encounter life more deeply and to share your gifts generously?.

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You, Me + the Sacred Feminine in Spain:  “TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE”

Books are synchronistically appearing in my life right now as the most extraordinary complements to April’s “Holy Grail in Spain ~ embodying the Sacred Fire” Tour.

Titles such as:

  • Dancing in the Flames:  the Dark Goddess in the Transformation of Consciousness
  • Tantric Kali: Secret Practices and Rituals
  • Womb Awakening:  Initiatory Wisdom from the Creatrix of All Life
  • Moving Consciously:  Somatic Transformations through Dance, Yoga and Touch
  • The Spiritual Traveler: Spain:A Guide to Sacred Sites and Pilgrim Routes

They all speak to the depth and the breadth of the Spiritual Journeys I am privileged to facilitate.  They compliment the journey I have walked since a very young girl.  The ‘Red Thread’ and the ‘Why’ behind so many of my programs, inclinations, wounds, desires, ancestral family, mentors.


A Shamanic Journey

At present, I am very deep in the embrace of a very personal Feminine Shamanic Journey.  I am having to surrender even more of my past ways of being and open myself all the more to the Black Madonna / Dark Feminine archetypal energies so that I may even more powerfully co-create the transformational container for April’s Participants.

I am having to dive very deep into my own core and my body to transmute ancient wounds and outdated patterns of thought, emotion and action…and to make even greater space for consciously embodying the Sacred Fire / Life Force that irrevocably changes our lives….and that will alter Participants from the inside-out in April.

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Launching Spiritual Journeys with the Dark Feminine

This message follows on from the themes shared then in that one of the other offerings that I received in meditation last year (and that I didn’t mention) was to launch spiritual travel journeys under the name of “Dark Feminine Tours”.

As you may recall from Tuesday’s post regarding the powerful Dark Feminine / Black Madonna archetype:

“In times of shift from one age to another, the Dark Feminine / Black Madonna archetype becomes important. She always surfaces in times of transition to restore us, truth and our lives. To re-invent us and take us into the passionate mystery of ourselves.

“The Black Madonna comes to establish a new order. A new way of being. She plugs us into the living, interconnected system that is the Universal Soul (Quantum Field), with everything conscious, alive and dancing.”

LAUNCHED!  Dark Feminine Tours

The purpose of Dark Feminine Tours is to transform men and women who are powerfully desiring to experience and establish a new way of living and being.  Participants are in major transition, feeling stuck, uninspired, exhausted.  They feel like ‘something is missing’, or they are looking to take their lives into deeper meaning, joy and abundance with a more authentic, much freer self.

Dark Feminine Tours initiate, activate, shake and inspire participants into a flourishing personal life as part of a thriving planetary culture made up of switched-on, consciously empowered men and women.

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Radical Rise of the Great Feminine in 2018


We are so busy cutting ourselves with the glory of the blade (covert, invulnerable, militaristic, masculine energy) that we don’t realize that the once healing properties of the sheath (overt, vulnerable, loving, feminine energy) has become dried up and nearly useless.   Gary Z McGee


The Radical Feminine ‘Coming out Swinging’ in 2018

“Stop lying to yourself”, I heard from within myself in early July last year. “You’re lying to yourself.”

It was a message that came out swinging and pinned me against the wall.  It hit me right between the eyes.

The energy was extremely powerful, forthright, distinctly no-nonsense….and felt every bit a ‘She’.  Feminine.  And ‘She’ was very red, fierce and appeared to me from within a deep, fertile blackness.

‘She’ was also right:  I’d been making OK things that I had outgrown in a number of areas of my life for the sake of expediency, being liked and approved of, convenience, being ‘successful’, being ‘safe’.   I’d even given up on certain of my dreams, and I felt dry, empty, uncreative and exhausted.

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