Critical Mass and Your ‘Why’

“Be aware, be vigilant. Do not discount the possibility that the moment might come as a thief in the night.  This is to be an important occasion. It is the event that is central to all of human history. Our emphasis for many thousands of years now has been and continues to prepare you for this single moment. For though the changes will be dramatic, they need not be traumatic.”  Ken Carey, The Third Millennium:  Living in the Posthistoric World

As we look at the numerous viewpoints, worldviews, perspectives and paradigms surfacing in in our lives, all over social media and on the world stage, and we consider

the backdrop of exhilarating prophecies of old that spoke to renewal and regeneration; 

the ‘apocalypse’ (derived from the Greek word ‘apocalupsis’ which translates as ‘revealing, disclosure, to take off the cover’) as a revealing of who we really are underneath all the pain and conditioning; 

the creative powers of thought and feeling; 

the limitless potentials within the Unified Field; 

neurotheology and our own inner capacities to generate high states like oneness, appreciation, joy and abundance at will; 

the power of a critical mass focused upon our best intentions

…we can see that we have so much in our favour to support us in the co-creation of an awakened, thriving, holistic new narrative of tremendously multidimensional, multi-polar possibilities.

A focused critical mass contains the leverage to steer us away from older, destructive and limiting narratives into brand new ones.


And so, who can you partner with, and what can you contribute to such a critical mass?  Who is your tribe?  Your alliances and fellow collaborators? 

Most importantly, what’s your ultra-key, guiding ‘why’ as to why you do / be anything?

Never forget:  thought, feeling and focus are extremely powerful. 

Adapted from “The Acceleration & Flowering of Consciousness” © Fatima Bacot 2007

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