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“I have gone through an amazing journey and come out a new person!! I look at the world and my life in completely new ways and the results have been miraculous.  Fatima has been there all the way, helping me, guiding me, going through my defrags and roller coaster rides.. The support with connecting to her guidance, the tools, the love, the weekly goals, check-ups was everything I needed to get where I am today. Fatima gives so much to each session, it’s like you are the only one in the world that matters at this moment to her….”  SC, Australia

We are in a highly-charged moment of change as we rocket through extremely powerful Aignments that can only be described as astounding, volatile and transformational.  NOTHING will ever be the same, either personally or globally, across all areas of human experience from June onwards.


Consider These Questions:

  • Are you happy and in charge of your Life and Energies… or do overwhelm, fear and confidence issues still sabotage your Happiness?
  • Do you feel ‘connected’ and know your Purpose… or are you lost and floundering right now?
  • Are you feeling Free….or stuck, confused, in despair?
  • Are your relationships flourishing….or are you feeling alone, unsupported, unloved?
  • Do you feel financially free?  Love your career?
  • Are your Mind-Body-Emotions-Spirit in balance…or do you sometimes feel, depressed, not good enough, anxious, powerless?


If you are feeling overwhelmed, it’s OK, and….you are not alone Many are similarly feeling the same ‘overwhelm and push’ to release the past and anchor into the New Operating Systems of the energy now available on the planet…and be Free and Happy.

  • Perhaps YOU, too, are now ready, really ready, to embrace the transformational energies that are swirling so powerfully….and to take your Life to another level entirely…where you’ve always dreamed and intuited
  • Perhaps you are ready to understand, harness and fully galvanise the Power of your own Mind, Emotions and Heart Energy to allow the Universal Good into your life. 
  • Perhaps you are ready, right now, for the Simple Secrets and Strategies that will gently but powerfully enable you to fully anchor into your Manifestation Abilities and undergo incredible Transformation into Empowerment and Freedom.

As anyone who has worked with her is aware, Fatima knows what’s going on globally, she knows what’s going on for people at the deepest levels….and she has the solutions

Is this Program for YOU?

If so, Fatima will personally journey with YOU…

100% of the way…One-on-One…for One Year

And it will be this exceedingly powerful consistency, week after week, that you develop with Fatima over the course of one extraordinary year, that will electrify and catalyse you into an entirely new way of being.  NOTHING will be off limits.  EVERYTHING will be allowed to be workshopped, processed, intuited into, reframed, reconfigured, upgraded, envisioned so that YOU can come into Full Alignment with your Power, Purpose, Abilities, Action-Steps and Goals…….and manifest that which you know is true for you.

A recent Graduate of the 7-Session Program shares (imagine what a Full Year will set in motion!):

“I have enjoyed our time together immensely, you are  such a knowledgeable and generous teacher, and I’m so grateful for your wisdom, insights, humour, no nonsense and practical approach!  I feel like a new person on the brink of a new and inexplicably exciting adventure.  The tools you’ve shared are so simple, effective and life changing, I know they will help guide me through the life I decide to create.  Thank you for helping me tap into my inner power, I have so much love and appreciation for you, always.”  SW, Australia



As with all of Fatima’s Mentoring Programs, the components are made up of:

A. Personal Transformation

Working ONE-ON-ONE from week to week with Fatima to:

  • bypass any existing patterns of lack, sabotage, limitation, trauma, separation, projection, judgment, attachment, fear
  • clear all karma, past lives, blockages and imprints
  • heal the split between the Masculine & Feminine aspects of yourself
  • clear distortions in your Chakras, mental-emotional-physical-spiritual bodies, and auric field
  • re-connect to the Power Within
  • take charge of your Power and learn the Art of Effortless Manifestation
  • anchor into Presence and the ‘Now’
  • activate your DNA, Lightcodes, Merkabah, Crystalline Blueprint and Lightbodies
  • know yourself as a Limitless Co-Creator of Reality
  • anchor into Multidimensional Consciousness and Mastery
  • stay grounded in your body and accelerate its potential
  • navigate in the Limitless Quantum Energies
  • deepen your connection to Source and hear your own Truth
  • understand the unerring Law of Attraction in depth, and that reality is the exact mirror of the thoughts and emotions that you focus on most often
  • move confidently in the direction of your dreams and goals in Spirituality, Health, Wealth,  Finances, Career and/or Relationships

B.        The Big Picture

  • find out why NOW has never been a better or easier time to change
  • the many (and interrelated) frontiers of change on the Universal Stage
  • the proposed significance of our current evolutionary trajectory ~ and what is possible for you
  • Heart Coherence, LOVE and Appreciation as powerful parts of your Journey
  • The Acceleration of Consciousness
  • Astrological and Galactic indicators of change
  • Earth Changes, Sunspots, Solar Flares, the Galactic Superwave, the Schumann Resonance – and the profound relationship of these to your Evolutionary Journey
  • Crop Circles, Disclosure, Galactic Synchronisation
  • Quantum Physics and the Unified Field
  • The Power of Critical Mass
  • Understanding that Everything is Frequency
  • The Emerging Consciousness and Species Transmutation
  • Genetic transmutation, the Lightbody, DNA Activation and Multidimensionality….and more

“The Big Picture” component above will be covered by:

  1. The Manual and your One-on-One Mentoring Time x 50 Sessions
  2. Free Access to all of Fatima’s Teleseries, Webinars, MP3s, CDs, Ebooks
  3. Numerous resources that Fatima will make available and alert you to during the Program
  4. Almost 90 Video Resources of the world’s greatest Teachers and Scientists, covering the Power that is within YOU right now, and the Limitless Quantum Field of Living Intelligence.



The One Year Program is covered as follows:


1.  Intro Session x 1.5 hours:  to determine your current Path, blockages, any relevant life experiences and your Highest Path Potential…working in depth with your Application to determine blockages, imbalances, goals, time available, current practice (if you have one), the program materials, strategies you might like to include – and to officially start the Program, laying out the initial Daily Practice and Personal Statements and methodologies

2.  Session 2 – Session 50 x 1 hour each: One-on-One Mentoring Sessions covering Fatima’s ongoing personal recommendations for next steps, resources, tools, strategies and related healing modalities, as uniquely required by you for your chosen outcomes and Goals, and to inspire, activate, facilitate and ‘break you through’ to the next level in your Evolutionary Journey.

  • All Sessions are interactive, transformative, and filled with numerous a-ha moments
  • Each Session consists of 3 Aspects: your 1 hour with Fatima, her ½-hour prep time reviewing your Report before the Session, plus her 1.5-hours after the Session developing all your follow-up materials..  Three hours in total on Fatima’s end for every ‘live’ hour with her.  (This is not including spontaneous Sessions , emails and phonecalls that may arise, as necessary, during the year.)

3. All Sessions recorded and uploaded online within 24 hours for you to listen and refer to again.

4.  Email access to Fatima 24/7 regarding queries that may surface for you in between Sessions, and phone calls, if necessary….and in-person visits, if Fatima is visiting in your country at the time

5.  Access to various ‘Big Picture’ Resources, as mentioned above

6.  Weekly email Links of relevant articles, videos, etc to help you throughout the Program, with the Abraham material featuring powerfully.

7.  One-on-One Sessions are conducted either by landline or Skype.  (Skype is a free program that is easily uploaded to your computer and makes all communication between you and Fatima free of charge.  You can download Skype at

Ultimately, you and Fatima will be moving as quickly as possible to anchor you into Complete Creative Control in all arenas of your life.  You will be tracking your thoughts, emotions and manifestations/results, powerfully and scientifically as part of your ‘Creating Reality’ training and becoming the Master of your own Life.

The ‘goal’ that leads to all goals is for you to be in Alignment, to take Aligned Action, and to Create your Life Joyously and Abundantly.

Another Graduate of the recent 7-Week Program shares…

“The seven week programme with Fatima has been an amazing and beautiful ride!  Fatima brings incredible passion and insight to her role as mentor.  She’s able to seamlessly fix on where you’ve come from, where you’re at and where you want to go.  I’ve loved the combination of up-to-date information on world consciousness, psychology and mind control coupled with the insight her guidance brings.  I feel blessed to have journeyed with Fatima and I’m now well and truly in the canoe of positive expectation for life and for my own creative potential!”  PF, Australia


As part of the Program, you will also:

  • Receive some Articles regarding the nature of the times we live in
  • Be required to read or re-read:
    • Eckhart Tolle’s book, A New Earth’
    • ‘The Vortex’, by Abraham-Hicks
  • Be mailed and emailed the relevant materials that you will start with
  • Keep to the extremely simple Daily Practice that Fatima develops for you each week
  • Maybe work with an Excel Spreadsheet if discipline on your part is particularly difficult
  • Keep a Daily Journal – bullet points are fine – with that information forming parts of your Pre-Session Report
  • Write comprehensive Session Notes during each Session – and email them to Fatima, post-Session regarding learnings, breakthroughs, your experience of the Session, impressions, etc
  • Provide Fatima with a comprehensive Pre-Session Report of all your successes, queries and results — by 12 Noon the day before the next scheduled Session.
  • Create a Vision Board, if you haven’t already got one
  • Take Powerful, Aligned Action as required



The Tuition for this exceptional, ground-breaking Program is:

AUD $16,500 (approx USD $15,000 at time of writing), if paid in full upfront. Please CLICK HERE for currency conversion for your location.  (The True Value, hour to hour, and not including spontaneous Sessions or in-person meetings, Fatima’s flights or accommodation to visit with you, is upwards of approximately AUD $31,250)


AUD $18,500 (approx USD $17,000 at time of writing) if paid in installments (as privately arranged with Fatima).  Please CLICK HERE for currency conversion for your location.

  • Payment Methods: payments accepted via Paypal or Credit Card, and for Australian participants via Cheque, Money Order or Direct Debit as well.
  • Non-Refundable Deposit required immediately upon acceptance as a Student:    $1000

Please Note: there are no refunds.  If you sabotage yourself in the Course by abdicating the Sessions and Processes without contacting Fatima to reschedule, you sabotage yourself financially and forfeit the Session also.


Create your Reality Application Form


  • powerfully accelerate your Growth and Mastery
  • make a huge leap in Empowerment and Awareness
  • know the Secret of how Positive, Affirmative Thought and Feeling bypass baggage and reprogram you into your Power
  • learn how to take Aligned, Leveraged Action to manifest your Goals and live all that is possible right now….emoti0nally, financially, mentally, in your relationships and in your health
  • understand that physics that Everything is Frequency, and Frequency is Reality
  • Find your Purpose and live your Highest Potential
  • know the power of positive thought and emotion to rewire your brain, DNA, neurology – everything!
  • Achieve goals in all areas of your life
  • Experience mental, emotional and financial freedom
  • Create the relationship of your dreams
  • Experience better relationships and balance your work and family life
  • learn the Art of Effortless Manifestation
  • transcend limitation and understand what’s going on in the Big Picture
  • learn about the Powers of Focus, the Pineal Gland and the Heart as Gateways to Higher Consciousness and Multidimensionality

Fatima has the answers and the clarity and will assist with finding your way with all of the above.


Create your Reality Application Form

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