“Create your Reality” Accelerated Mentoring Programs

“I have gone through an amazing journey and come out a new person!! I look at the world and my life in completely new ways and the results have been miraculous.  Fatima has been there all the way, helping me, guiding me, going through my defrags and roller coaster rides.. The support with connecting to her guidance, the tools, the love, the weekly goals, check-ups was everything I needed to get where I am today. Fatima gives so much to each session, it’s like you are the only one in the world that matters at this moment to her….”  SC, Australia


We are living through a time of highly-charged ‘breakdowns and breakthroughs’ wherein much is changing, both personally and globally, across all areas of human experience.  Our minds, bodies, emotions, relationships, businesses, finances and health…are all being affected.  Much is transpriing worldwide, with profound change set to alter our lives as we have known them.

Consider These Questions:

  • Are you happy and in charge of your Life and Energies… or do overwhelm, fear and confidence issues still sabotage your Happiness?
  • Do you feel ‘connected’ and know your Purpose… or are you lost and floundering right now?
  • Are you feeling Free….or stuck, confused, in despair?
  • Are your relationships flourishing….or are you feeling alone, unsupported, unloved?
  • Do you feel financially free?  Love your career?
  • Are your Mind-Body-Emotions-Spirit in balance…or do you sometimes feel, anxious, powerless?

If you are feeling overwhelmed, it’s OK….you are not alone.  Especially now.  Many are similarly feeling the same ‘overwhelm and push’ to release the past and anchor into the New Operating Systems of the energy now available on the planet…and be Free and Happy.

…Perhaps YOU, too, are now ready, really ready, to embrace the transformational energies that are swirling so powerfully….and to take your Life to another level entirely…where you’ve always dreamed and intuited

…Perhaps you are ready to understand, harness and fully galvanise the Power of your own Mind, Emotions and Heart Energy to allow the Universal Good into your life. 

…Perhaps you are ready, right now, for the Simple Secrets and Strategies that will gently but powerfully enable you to fully anchor into your Manifestation Abilities and undergo incredible Transformation into Empowerment and Freedom.


As anyone who has worked with her is aware, Fatima Bacot, the ‘Creating Reality Mentor’, knows what’s going on globally, she knows what’s going on for people at the deepest levels….and she has the solutions.



  • powerfully accelerate your Growth, Mastery and Manifestation
  • make a huge leap in Empowerment and Awareness
  • know the Secret of how Positive, Affirmative Thought and Feeling bypass baggage and reprogram you into your Power
  • Release fear, find your Purpose and live your Highest Potential
  • know the power of positive thought and emotion to rewire your brain, DNA, neurology – everything!
  • Create and experience mental, emotional and financial freedom
  • Create harmonious relationships, and balance your work and family life
  • understand what’s going on in the Big Picture
  • learn about the Powers of Focus, the Pineal Gland and the Heart as Gateways to Higher Consciousness and Multidimensionality


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Whatever you need, whatever your background or who you are, wherever you want to go….Fatima has the solutions.

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