Countdown Begins

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Countdown Begins

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It’s Sunday afternoon and the countdown to the official launch of the new site on Friday has begun.  The fulfillment now of a lifelong vision to bring together the very best of the scientists, healers, visionaries, channels, economists — and more — who are broadcasting their expertise and understanding of all that is happening on the Earth and within the galaxy.  How such dramatic changes affects humanity, and how humnaity can navigate the passage through the forecasted evolutionary gateway.

I feel blessed and, also, strangely quiet within, feeling every step of the way — and acknowledging my personal journey, as well as the journeys of others.

Yes, we are the ones we have been waiting, as the Hopi have said.  The New Earth is here.  We move now through the violet doorway into an entirely new evolutionary agenda, founded upon the principles and values of Universal Peace and Oneness.

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