Catching Up with Yourself

Sometimes there is nothing to do, nothing one can do, except to hold space and stay present with oneself and one’s surroundings.

It seems that something must be done, but this isn’t the case because, in fact, much is being done, but beneath the level of appearances.

If you are able to mindfully feel into the energy and listen closely, you may even be able to sense where the shifts are taking place.  Where space is being created.  Where the old concretized aspects of yourself, your patterns and ways, are being broken up so they can breathe, and so that the New (whatever that may be for you uniquely) can come forth.

For this we need to be in beginner’s mind.  Like an artist in front of the blank canvas.  The writer in front of the blank page.  And you, as the artist of your own life, before your own blank canvas.  The blank canvas may even correspond to a temporary loss of sense of purpose.

Just wait.  Without forcing and demanding immediate answers, just wait.  Allow the various parts of yourself to catch up.

This teaches us how to respect processes, as well as how to respect ourselves and the Intelligence living within. It teaches us how to bring all aspects of ourselves into alignment so that when we do go forward, we feel certainty, stability, joy.


This is a time when energies are volatile, transformational and enormously ungrounding.  These energies are triggering us into new ways of seeing, being, sensing, intuiting, creating, experiencing, interacting.  They can be very unnerving as the accustomed modus operandi reconfigures, with very little respite.

Stay anchored in your body, and on the Earth.  Connect with ‘your tribe’.  Exercise and move energy around to help your body recalibrate.  Eat nourishing food. 

When it is time for action, it will thus be harmonious with both you and the whole and in sync with this forecast, unprecedented evolutionary moment.

In the meantime, kindly and respectfully hold space for yourself:  you are ‘doing’ far more than you realize.

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