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Be the Change NOW

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What is your song to sing?  What is your note to play in the Symphony of Consciousness now sounding throughout the Cosmos?  Ponder now your Gift. Ponder what it means to be ‘the one that you are waiting for’, as the Hopi say.

For those of you who have been working with Dr Carl Johan Calleman’s interpretation of the Mayan Calendar, you well know it is a time now of explosive, transformative creativity, rebellion, the emergence of those leaders who are pioneering the New Paradigm of Peace and Oneness through the Power of Intent, community-building in both the physical and in cyberspace – and intensifying, global mass awakening in the unfolding of the Oneness Experience.

The intense depth-clearing of cellular memory and DNA undergone by millions worldwide has created an energetic matrix across a number of dimensional frequencies.  It has freed up long-impacted energy, stuck in fear, and given birth to a living, breathing, intelligent Sea of Consciousness –and this energetic matrix is literally the Foundation of the New Paradigm, the new Ground of Being.

As more and more of our DNA is activated, dormant areas of the brain surge into life once again and we are living through the dawn experience of knowing the Source Energy that is within.  And it is this Source Within that is catalyzing all, as well as bringing about the necessary solutions as we hurtle all the more faster now into accelerated change.

At this time, it is vitally important that we get into our bodies even more deeply as the solar and galactic changes intensify.  Being able to generate Stillness, to be in the Now, to be Present – are prerequisites to staying grounded, aware and able to respond to the changing fields of energy both within and without.

My clients are making radical shifts in their lives.  Some literally overnight.  And many have questions as follows:

But what is the New Paradigm? What is written?  What is my destiny? And who are we in the New Paradigm?  And what do we do here?

Continued depth-clearing and multidimensional activation notwithstanding, I believe it is a time to reach deep within to tap into our Visionary Activism and to move forward in the direction of what we feel most passionate about.  NOW.  We must now wake up to a deeper experiential awareness of our creativity and begin exercising it, rather than waiting to find out if it’s ‘my destiny’.  We are co-creators in this experiment, and the days of a static destiny are long gone also.  We are the writers.  We are the timing.  We are the ones we have been waiting for, yes.

We are talking about the ability to look at what is going on around us and being neither in denial nor despair.  We are talking about a hands-on, deeply connected operation requiring all manner of perspectives, requiring a Unified Global Mind and Heart.  Yes, deep understanding of Oneness.  And yes, requiring the profound understanding that we do not create in a vacuum:  all decisions we make and all thoughts we think have a profound effect upon all lifeforms.  As such, we have the power to generate critical mass and manifest incredible possibilities!

Don’t wait for permission:  be the permission!

Do you get that?

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