Awareness & Transformation Mindfulness Program

Challenge signifies both ‘crisis and opportunity': a new YOU is attempting to break-though.

"About a month ago, when Fatima’s Process ‘kicked in’, I felt free from beating myself up. I actually started operating from a foundation of Joy. Being me is now a joyful thing and a powerful thing.” ~ T Szabo, USA

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I am in my final week of being mentored by Fatima. It has been nothing short of miraculous! I no longer run from myself. I accept all of me! I have much more energy because I am not wasting it running and hiding from my inner critic.   About a month ago, when Fatima’s Process ‘kicked in’, I felt free from beating myself up. I actually started operating from a foundation of Joy.  Being me is now a joyful thing and a powerful thing.” ~ T Szabo, USA


It’s no secret that we live in the midst of volatile change, with shifting parameters an ongoing feature. Whatever our backgrounds, whatever our belief systems, whatever our circumstances, one thing is clear: change is fast and furious. No matter how practiced we may be on our paths, we can be overwhelmed by the enormity of change.

We can be overwhelmed in this ‘uncharted sea of unknown territory’…

We can be overwhelmed on discovering how much more of our power, vitality, emotional needs, freedom and sense of purpose have been exchanged or suppressed as part of living in the older, outgoing paradigm. We may feel stuck as to how to shift the density of the past ‘fast enough’ to keep up with who we are becoming.

Old personal programming and karmic loops may yet hold us in fearful, confusing grips and disable us.

We can feel ‘brought-to-our-knees’ as those energies that have been long-suppressed and shamed ‘in the basements of our subconscious’ and our DNA unrelentingly ricochet to the surface.  Seeking transmutation, they arise to be assimilated as the raw, vital Life Force YOU need in to become more whole, engaged, abundant, intimate, connected, and profoundly here and ALIVE in ALL areas of your Life.

The relentless push-pull of evolutionary forces are calling to us, to transport us into new ways of being, relationships, careers, finances, homes. They are ‘breaking us down and breaking us open’…

We can also feel enormously challenged in that ‘what once worked’ on our paths no longer works….and we have nothing to hold onto.

“I thoroughly loved our sessions and I feel very enriched, supported and understood… Each time the channelling was so in alignment with where I felt I was and it was all very clear and spontaneous for me. I also experienced moments of epiphany. I look forward to catching up again.”  EK, Melbourne


human_transmutation_by_korsmatt-d6ud09sCrisis and Opportunity

Ultimately, challenge signifies both ‘crisis and opportunity’ and that a new order of being is attempting to break-though. A new life. More real now. More loving and energetic now. More pulsating and alive now. More authentic and radiant now. In alignment with one’s True Self in a deeper richness, love, awareness, Wellbeing and Ease.

And so, if you are faced with…

…an ongoing negative energy such as anxiety, depression, fear, ‘ascension symptoms’, burnout, panic attacks, overwhelm, lack of grounding, stress

…anguish, shame, guilt, disappointment, despair, regret, or a crippling ‘inner critic’

…memories arising from difficult childhoods, ancestral timelines, past lives or relationships that may continually drag you down into unhealthy emotions, behaviours and sabotage

…issues relating to finances, health, partners (or the lack thereof), bosses, important life decisions, staff, the loss of a loved one or life transitions.

If you are experiencing these and feel like you are in a pressure-cooker, lost, drowning, dying, collapsed and can’t move forward, or that you are screaming and nobody can hear…..

…you are actually in the ‘uncomfortable gap’ of pure potential, somewhere between ‘breakdown and breakthrough’, crisis and opportunity…a NEW LIFE

And the fact is, everybody hurts and everybody gets lost and overwhelmed….

“I have known Fatima for several years now, having attended some of her workshops, lectures as well as her mentoring (Awareness and Transformation Program) & can definitely say she’s an excellent presenter, facilitator. The readings & mentoring are of the highest standard of guidance. I feel very privileged to have you as a mentor Fatima & also call you my friend. xoxo”  SA, Vic


Awareness1The Awareness and Transformation Mindfulness Program

This Program is ultimately about meeting yourself in Unconditional Self-Worth, Self-Acceptance and Self-Love, as well applying Positive Psychology.A Program so that you can be ‘fully here’, and ride the evolutionary waves and rough storms of life with a deep openness, passionate grace….and Happiness.

It’s about the deeper encountering with awareness, creativity, curiosity, life and love, where the whole of your life and your body and relationships become enriched, as never before…through what you and I consciously and consistently nurture together.

The Program provides a pathway to move you through a door into a whole new spectrum of life where there is deeper, vaster reservoir of energy to play with, that gives life, nourishment, inspiration and freedom.  JOY.

It will pay special attention upon integrating the mind, the heart and the body to re-establish the harmony necessary for a greater realization of your own worth, significance, creativity, magnificence, and Wellbeing.

And…because we know from the teachings of the world’s greatest scientists and mystics that everything is affected by what we think and feel, we will also be paying special attention to positive psychology and assisting the mind and emotions to come into present-time where ALL your power is, thereby loosening any remaining habitual focus on the past or escapism into the future.

“Fatima is also mentoring me . I’m at the beginning of my journey but how my humble life is already changing…its truly INCREDIBLE!  How I can  thank (you) for your  mentoring  enough…?  I’m  so so so grateful…Much love. Not enough words to thank!”  AL, Melbourne

It’s time to flourish….

Butterflyonakeyholedreamstime_m_15942849webAt Your Unique Pace, we will be Journeying with:

Awareness:   Gently becoming aware of the outdated habits, raw data, defenses, masks, shadows and crippling patterns you may be struggling and living with so that you move on from confusion, anger, doubt, fear, pain, resistance, shame, guilt, unworthiness. From the endless repetitive cycle of unconscious behavior…to recover your Life all the more.

Instead of running and hiding and numbing yourself out or applying ‘positive thought’ like a band-aid, it may also be that you need to stop pretending you don’t feel a certain way….actually allow how you feel about a circumstance, a person, a situation as the means by which you empower and honour yourself, create a boundary, come to a realization, dissolve the issue or develop an understanding….

Transformation: Transformation takes you from one way of being, seeing, hearing, sensing, feeling….into another. On stilling the mind and emotions, on committing to feel and not avoiding, on our establishing a space of non-judgment, and fuller self-acceptance and knowing, you naturally transform from the inside out. Disturbances naturally heal. Ideas arise. The pathway forward materializes. You experientially come to recognize that there is much more available to you than you previously believed.  Food tastes better. Colours are more colourful. Your health, finances and relationships improve. A sense of purpose arises. Suddenly you experience what was there along, but you couldn’t perceive it.

Our wounds finally heal when we have reached the roots. At that point, treasure is released.

Overall, Awareness and Transformation combine to empower an integrated, authentic foundation from which you are able to create your reality, unhindered.

When you are no longer running and hiding from yourself and your magnificence, you are free, irrespective of what shows up in your life. You no longer run from life: you choose to dive in and encounter it deeply, in Love….and you create.  You open to embrace the Energy that creates and fuels all things. 

“I truly am so grateful for the time we have shared, your insights & guidance have been valuable & will continue to support me.  I send loving & grateful thoughts along with showers of blessings…” LF, Melbourne


transformace2How we will be Journeying Together:

  1.  The first Intro Consultation x 60-min: working in depth to determine blockages, imbalances, goals, time available, current practice (if you have one), strategies you might like to include – and to officially start the Program, laying out the practicalities of the Daily Practice, along with recommended resources and methodologies.  Reviewing your Private Consult Form for what it is you are wanting from the work together, along with the practicalities of your daily schedule.  This Consultation may be 90-mins long, depending upon what is shared and what is required.

During the Live Session, Fatima takes extensive notes in order to make her recommendations for your unique Daily Practice of both Mindfulness Meditation + Positive Thought Statements for Deliberate Creation. This usually takes her another 50-minutes to create on your behalf and will be sent in a Follow-up Email within 2 hours.

2.  Sessions 2 to 7 x 60-mins each: One-on-One Reviewing your Self-Review.  Fatima privately goes over the Self-Review you have emailed her, then the Live Session covers Fatima’s ongoing personal recommendations for next steps, resources, tools, and strategies, as uniquely required by you for your chosen outcomes and Goals, and to inspire, activate, and ‘break you through’ to the next level in your Evolutionary Journey.

  • All Sessions are interactive, transformative, and filled with numerous a-ha moments
  • The Sessions run Weekly, Fortnightly or Monthly, depending upon how you are traveling.

3. Each Session consists of 3 Aspects: your 1 hour with Fatima PLUS her 10-minutes prep time reviewing your Self-Review before the Session, PLUS her 50-minutes after the Session developing your next level of Practice components into a Follow-up Email Strategy unique to you. This does NOT include the many, many hours of Resource Material that will be provided and recommended.

4. A Complimentary MP3 Recording of the Live Session will be sent with your Follow-up Email Strategy. (A wonderful bonus for you so you can deepen the strategy and guidance brought forward in the Live Session.)

Overall, each Session will organically refine the approach in ways that are most powerful and dynamic for you to adopt in order for you to master and empower yourself for increased Wellbeing, Creativity and Joy in all areas of your Life.

You are advised to take notes during the Session as these can comprise further elements with which to enrich your Strategy, and as backed up by the Recording.


yin-yang-treeOther Elements:

  • A Private Consultation Form will be sent to you. We will be working with this during Session One.
  • No Manual or Workbook: Unlike all other Programs of the last 10 years, this one contains neither a Manual nor a Workbook. We are ‘experientially stepping beyond’ the Manuals and the Workbooks for this one.
  • Journal: you will be advised to keep a Journal to track and deepen your Journey.
  • Self-Review: there will be a Self-Review Sheet to fill out and send prior to each Session.
  • Daily Informal and Formal Practice:  you will need to be able to set aside at least 20 minutes twice per day for a Formal Practice, as well as set aside time for ‘short bursts’ of just 10-15seconds for an Informal Practice during the day, and to complete the fortnightly Self-Review to get the most out of our time together. 
  • Mindfulness Guided Meditation mp3s and Practices: various of these will be made available to assist you to come into the Power of Present-Time Awareness.
  • Other Resources: (books, videos, etc) will be suggested as uniquely required by you, and as brought forth in Session.

How and Where We do This:

The Program is undertaken via landline or Skype for Recording purposes.  Skype can be downloaded for free on

What is the Financial Investment for this Program:

To arrange a FREE 20-MINUTE CONSULTATION to discuss your needs and how one of the approaches below may be of assistance to you, please email Fatima on

  • 7-Session Mentoring Bundle (Private Consult Form PLUS 60-min Live Sessions x 7 PLUS Unique Emailed Strategy Follow-ups x 7):   AUD $2995 if paid in full upfront, or $3395 in instalments.  Please CLICK HERE for currency conversion for your location.

Payment Methods: payments accepted via Paypal or Credit Card, and for Australian participants via Direct Debit as well.

Flexible Instalment Plans Available Also:

  • 7-Session Mentoring Bundle:   $3395 in Installments  please inquire to workshop in a way that suits your circumstances. Non-Refundable Deposit required immediately upon acceptance as a Student for those undertaking payment by Instalments: $500

Also Available:

  • Single Session:  60-min recorded Session with Recommendations but NO Unique Emailed Strategy Follow-up of Positive Psychology Statements & Meditation to Retrain the Mind & Emotions:  $250
  • Single Session:  60-min Recorded Session PLUS Unique Emailed Strategy Follow-up of Positive Psychology Statements & Meditation to Retrain the Mind and Emotions:  $500


Terms and Conditions

By registering for this Program, you are choosing to make a profound commitment to change at the deepest levels.

Oftentimes, transformation begins the moment you choose to register. As with any significant process, you may experience some trepidation and fear as the possibility of a changed future emerges. You may feel doubt. This is perfectly normal.

As a result, and in order to support you in your intention to transform, we offer no refunds after you’ve registered, excepting the following exception.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee:

There will be no refunds prior to the start of the Program. However, if you fully participate and practice your learnings for another 30 days after the Program has ended and you still don’t feel that you’ve received any value, we will gladly give you a full refund. To apply for a refund, submit a “Request for Refund” email to, and attach your written reflections to demonstrate that you have fully engaged the process. The refund window will close thirty days after the finish of the course, and refund requests must be submitted by that date. Thank you.

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