Inspired by Your Despair and Anger

The human species itself is quite literally undergoing an enormous evolutionary rewriting and discarding of the repressive stories we have believed and lived for so long, based on the oppressor and oppressed, worthy and unworthy, acceptable and unacceptable, victim and victimizer, leader and led archetypes.  The rewriting is a biomutational process, taking place both internally … Read moreInspired by Your Despair and Anger

How Am I Using my Power Today?

This is a time long foreseen and anticipated by seers, indigenous peoples, visionaries and mystics as the renewal and regeneration of humanity and the Earth. It is a time when leading-edge scientists are shattering long-held theories of a mechanistic universe, where the mind may perhaps have soul-like qualities, but the body, nature and the universe … Read moreHow Am I Using my Power Today?

Dropping Conditioned Attention

Carlos Castaneda was an American anthropologist who met a powerful shaman (medicine man) called Don Juan Matus in 1960 whilst conducting anthropological field work along the US-Mexico border.  He subsequently became Don Juan’s pupil and later went on to write numerous bestselling books based on Don Juan’s teachings that have since been translated into 17 … Read moreDropping Conditioned Attention