Faith Without Works and Spiritual Bypassing

A huge ‘disconnect’ exists in some ideologies that there is a ‘New Earth’, out there, somewhere.  That is, now that we’re done with this one and its challenges and chaos are all too much, ‘somehow’ a brand new one of pristine, utopian economies, oceans, people, forests, politics, reefs, technology, species, fish stocks, ecosystems, money, glaciers, … Read moreFaith Without Works and Spiritual Bypassing

Koyaanisqatsi & Expectation Ruling Outcome

“The idea of a pollution-free environment is difficult for us even to imagine, simply because none of us has ever known an energy economy that was not highly polluting.” (Lester Brown, Worldwatch Institute) The film, 2040, shows us we already possess everything we need to transition to new economies, systems and ways of living, organizing … Read moreKoyaanisqatsi & Expectation Ruling Outcome

Influencing the Creative Process

“….the physical world is generated from the subtle worlds in a perfect balance and now it is possible to directly influence the creative process, instead of limiting ourselves to the role of simple spectators, or confining ourselves to being the outcome of such processes.”   (Sergio Magaña, from 2012–2021:  The Dawn of the Sixth Sun) * … Read moreInfluencing the Creative Process

New Holograms and Transcending Shadows

We’re downloading new holograms of consciousness that are creating interference patterns with established ones, bringing up the emotions, reactions and patterns that are parts of the stories we have long told ourselves about ourselves and about life. We’re living in a kind of ‘crazy new normal’, and although we may want to ‘go back to … Read moreNew Holograms and Transcending Shadows

The Enriched Individual

Although there have been many, many aspects to the Global Shift in Consciousness over the last 25-30 years, one of the most game-changing and critical evolutionary ‘big-switches’ that has occurred is that of people getting up off their knees, en masse, all over the world, and actively confronting the dominator/victim, conqueror/conquered, rich/poor dynamic that has … Read moreThe Enriched Individual

Navigating Exponentially Accelerating Change: a FREE Guide

5 Critical Keys & Practices you Need to Know RIGHT NOW

Navigating Exponentially Accelerating Change: a FREE Guide

5 Critical Keys & Practices you Need to Know RIGHT NOW