April Approaches for a Surreal “Transformation into Empowerment and Joy” in SPAIN

It is no secret we are living in times of great shift.  Everybody I am connected with is feeling that push to release the past and to evolve into a new Life entirely…beyond old patterns, dogma, conditions, authority.

This is part of the Return of the Sacred Feminine in 2018 (see HERE

In this regard, the extraordinary Holy Grail Tour in Spain is a mystical adventure that has been specifically designed to transport each Participant into the alchemical magic of an exhilarating, deeply passionate culture in the ecstatic embrace of truly surreal landscapes, exquisite food, dance, music, fiery people and breathtaking sites…and emerge transformed.


Imagine how, as you move from one striking location to the next, you will nurture the conditions for transformation deep within yourself, and in all areas of your life…releasing outdated, karmic ties to the past and to self-sabotage….bringing empowerment, passion, healing, renewal, awakening and JOY.

Imagine receiving new tools of transformation, and reclaiming dormant gifts, talents, perceptions, abilities and life force energy.

Is this you?  A much more empowered, on-purpose, Soul-centred individual, with the ability to encounter life more deeply and to share your gifts generously?.

Then, imagine traveling through areas rich in myths of the Holy Grail and where it has been hidden throughout the centuries, Isis, the Black Madonna, gypsies, Basques, the Knights Templar, Troubadours, and places that may have served as inspiration for the tales of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table.

Imagine experiencing an extraordinary 3-day Immersion in the ‘immortal city’, Girona, that will combine Dance, Wisdom Teachings, Meditation, the Tarot, the Qabbala, Astrology, Mandalas and more so that you can fully Embody the Sacred Fire of Creation….and transform your Life.


We will take up many threads of consciousness of past, present and future in places where we can ‘walk between the worlds’….for you to co-create the realities of your Dreams.

We will experience meditations, activations, ceremony.

Those who join this Tour are ‘called’ from deep within.  They KNOW.  They will form a constellation of energies specific for these times.  We will have met before, in other times and places, for the Sacred Teachings and as Mystics of the Sacred and Holy Fire.

If this is you, secure your place NOW and begin your Unique Journey of Transformation.  There are now only 2 months left to come aboard and make your arrangements.

For all information and to download and view the complete Itinerary, please CLICK HERE

I look forward to co-creating the Experience of Transformation with each Participant.

In Love,
Fatima x

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