All Hands on Deck Now

Scientists tell us that everything is happening simultaneously within the vast potential of the Quantum Field where, quite literally, anything goes. (A quick look any day at your social media feed will show you even the tiniest bit of potential being focused upon at any one time among 7.7 billion of us.)

They tell us that great, evolutionary energies from the centres of galaxies have been arriving into our solar system, as they cyclically do, and shifting it and our Earth, too.

In these moments of continual exposure, challenge, transformation and creation, many of us find ourselves experiencing ongoing crossroads moments.

We find ourselves face-to-face with the ‘forces and habits of the old’ and the ‘call and possibilities of the forecast new’, wondering which way is up and which way is down, or left or right. 

One would be hard-pressed to be operating as ‘business as usual’.

It’s a heady mix, and within it, we live our own unique cross-section in the vortex of these cross-pollinating, highly-disruptive influences. 

Upgrade is everywhere.

Feel for your own alignment and the purpose calling you for these times.  Feel for how your own unique piece contributes. 

Allow your parameters to expand.  Allow your Heart and Mind to expand. 

Make room in your life for the New.  Toss out, or walk away from, that which tethers you to the old.  Roll and flow with the moments, and pivot.

Expand your parameters in conjunction with all parameters being expanded now, culturally, technologically, spiritually, politically, financially, socially, etc.


Remember, the most toxic fallacy being busted globally right now is that the power is in the hands of the few:  in fact, it is in your hands and it’s time for all hands on deck.

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