About Fatima

Fatima Bacot is an Australian Metaphysical Teacher, Mentor & Author whose services and message have reached thousands worldwide and is of comprised of two main areas:

      ~ One:  bringing razor-sharp clarity to the dizzying and profound breakdowns and breakthroughs humanity is experiencing as part of the long-forecast Shift in Consciousness

      ~ Two: specializing in helping others to remove their toxic inner patterns (and corresponding suffering and paralysis) by teaching them to awaken to their own power, possibility and potential to consciously evolve for the better in all aspects of their lives.

Fatima’s own journey has taken her through extremely crushing lows of self-esteem and self-worth.  As she sought to find a way out of her own suffering, she developed not only a deep understanding of others’ suffering, but also, a powerful system that has enabled her to assist others.

In her Private and Group Sessions, Fatima intuitively focuses an incisive, clarifying spotlight into the powerful, inner workings of her clients’ minds, emotions, bodies and psyches, bringing to light crippling patterns.  In the tradition of other New Thought Leaders, she shares the insights and techniques whereby others may free themselves into consciously mastering their lives, thoughts, and emotions…and thus, themselves, their bodies, pain, loss, relationships, finances and environments.

Her research since a teenager of the world’s greatest revolutionaries, mystics, politicians, philosophers, writers, scientists, esotericists, and cosmologists, has assisted her to develop not only her methods and beliefs, but has also enabled her to coherently synthesize a scintillating ‘Big Picture’ of all that is taking place to dynamically present it as a welcome and necessary part of humanity’s current evolutionary trajectory into a New Evolutionary Agenda, beyond patriarchy.  Her articles have been featured on truthout.org, WakeUp-World.com, consciouslifenews.com, Conscious Living Journal and DNA Monthly.

Impossible to pin down to just one or two areas of expertise, in her 25 years-long career, Fatima has brilliantly taught everything from personal and spiritual development, mindfulness and conscious breathing, to geopolitics and the global banking cartels, sexuality, quantum physics, sacred economics, deliberate creation and manifestation, quantum acceleration, the corporatocracy, ancient prophecy, evolutionary activism, astrological and solar cycles, suppressed technologies, earthchanges, sacred relationships, conscious evolution and more.  But no matter what her subject, it is her belief that the change she heralds always comes down to the individual…and the contents of her thoughts and emotions.  It is always about the inside-job, first and foremost, before circumstances can change.

A powerful yet practical Visionary and Teacher, Fatima is most interested in Freedom and in the establishment of a thriving, multidimensional Planetary Culture and Consciousness.  She believes in the Free Will and Prosperity of individuals, their Dignity, Worthiness, Invincibility, Sovereignty…and the Power of Imagination, Thought and Emotion.  She sees the Earth as a ‘Living Library’ of limitless diversity and her ongoing aim is to assist in the co-creation of an all-systems, living, Sacred Balance for present and future generations, comprised of:

  • fusion / big tent spirituality, politics, economics, culture, science, the arts and technology for supporting diversity, and for jumping borders and ingrained, ‘traditional’ labels
  • participation in common pathways, comprised of numerous viewpoints and movements, for progressive agendas and moving dialogue….for the commons, human beings, and the Earth and her species
  • creation beyond just ‘personal salvation’, and into a unified, highly diverse consciousness based on awakened, conscious individuals working collaboratively with vision for the betterment of all

Towards this, she has been utilising:

  • Seminars, Workshops & Speaking
  • Astro-Intuitive Diagnosis & Readings
  • Mindfulness Training
  • Personal & Online Group Mentoring
  • Teleseminars and Webinars
  • Blogging and Social Media
  • CDs, MP3s and more

….for 25 years to dynamically impact others the world over.

Fatima’s home is currently on the Sunshine Coast, Australia.  She describes herself and her life as works in progress.  You may find numerous Testimonials HERE.