About Fatima

Fatima Bacot is a Metaphysical Teacher, Author & Activist whose services and message have reached thousands in 13 countries worldwide and is of comprised of two main areas:

      ~ One:  bringing razor-sharp clarity to the dizzying and profound breakdowns and breakthroughs humanity is currently experiencing as part of the Global Shift in Consciousness

      ~ Two: specializing in helping others to remove their toxic  inner patterns (and corresponding suffering and paralysis) by teaching them to awaken to their own power, possibility and potential to consciously evolve for the better in all aspects of their lives.

Fatima’s own journey has taken her through extremely crushing lows of self-esteem and self-worth, and as she sought to find a way out of her own suffering, she developed a simple, yet powerful system that has enabled her to also teach, free and mobilize others.

In her Private and Group Sessions, Fatima intuitively focuses an incisive, clarifying spotlight into the powerful, inner workings of her clients’ minds, emotions, bodies and psyches, bringing to light stagnant and crippling patterns, and the techniques to move themselves and the evolutionary trajectory forward.  Hers is a simple method comprised of consistent Mindfulness, Statements of Intent, Holographic Visualisation, Focus and Observation, Noticing Emotion and Tracking Results, in the tradition of other New Thought Leaders. 

In her more public work, her research since a teenager of the world’s greatest revolutionaries, mystics, politicians, philosophers, writers, scientists, esotericists, cosmologists and leading-edge leaders, has not only assisted her to develop her methods and beliefs, but has also enabled her to coherently synthesize a scintillating ‘Big Picture’ of all that is taking place to dynamically present it as a welcome and necessary part of humanity’s current evolutionary trajectory….and requiring both imagination and vigilance for our children, the Earth, and our children’s children.

Whatever her topics of choice (geopolitics and finance, sexuality, spirituality, quantum physics, sacred economics, sacred ecology, etc), Fatima profoundly zeroes in, laser-like, to brilliantly present exponentially-unfolding, volatile, breakdown/breakthrough changes in contexts that are illuminating and far-reaching, but always, mixed with compassion and down-to-earth strategies….all in the service of necessary Conscious Evolution.

A contributing author in the bestselling ‘Adventures in Manifesting’ series (now in 27 countries worldwide), published on online forums, and a powerful yet practical Visionary and Teacher, Fatima has been utilising:

  • Seminars, Workshops & Speaking
  • Astrological Diagnosis & Readings
  • Personal & Group Mentoring
  • Teleseminars and Webinars
  • Blogging and Social Media
  • CDs, MP3s, blogging and more

….for almost 25 years to further the unlimited evolution of human Consciousness, and to dynamically inspire and impact others the world over.

Additionally, coming from a background where both parents had their lives destroyed by war at young ages (World War II and the Spanish Civil War, respectively), she knows intimately the destructive nature of power, and its many tragic outcomes. A supporter of Amnesty International, Greenpeace International and Medecins san Frontieres, she has sought to not only keep abreast of troubling current events, but also to play her own part in supporting others to wake them up into their ‘Evolutionary Activism’ and to ‘what is happening in their names’ and with their resources, and to creating better outcomes in the present, as well as for our children’s futures.  A New Earth.

Fatima’s home is the Sunshine Coast, Australia, but she has been ‘on the road’ since December 2012, both teaching and consulting.  She describes herself and her life as works in progress.  You may find numerous Testimonials HERE.