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I have been deeply interested in exploring and mastering freedom, love, transformation, self-agency and Soul-purpose for 35 years.

For the last 25 years, my passion has been to facilitate empowerment in others, as well as awareness about the Shift in Consciousness that is taking place globally.

I have delivered seminars, web events, keynote speeches, spiritual travel, retreats, workshops, consultations, blogs, CDs, mp3s and ebooks to thousands in private, group and corporate settings worldwide.  I have taught in-person throughout Australia, the United States and Mexico, and online globally. 


Driven to be Free

As a child and teenager, I witnessed devastating physical, psychological and sexual abuse aimed at women, alcoholism, depression, drug abuse and suicidal tendencies within the extended family.

The disempowered, abusive nature of my extended family lay in horrific events that they experienced as children during WWII and the Spanish Civil War. Things that they, as adults, had been unable to process and by which they were entrapped.

Growing up within such an environment, I developed extreme anxiety, which later became eating disorders, OCD tendencies, and still later, depression, perfectionism and suicidal thoughts. I was crippled by crushingly low self-worth, many ‘dark nights of the Soul’, and felt I had ‘no right to be here’. 

At 18, I became deeply interested in the world’s Wisdom Teachings, covering the inter-related disciplines of psychology, the esoteric, philosophy, mysticism, personal development, spirituality and, later, quantum physics. 

I was driven by pain and powerful desires to find a way out of suffering and to be free.  Over the years, I came to recognize how self-worth is integral to establishing that freedom in all areas of life.

Some of the biggest patterns I needed to recognize and heal were being a ‘good girl’ and always doing ‘the right thing’. 

I woke up from being voiceless and keeping silent so as not to incur abuse and rejection (or ‘karma’). I woke up from the folly of ‘selflessness’.  I woke up from the tremendous inner strength and determination I employed to keep going in the face of abuse. I woke up from associating accomplishments with self-worth.  I woke up from being unable to tell when someone had hurt me until later.  I woke up from choosing to make others happy at enormous costs to my own happiness, health and bank account.  I woke up from ‘fixing and saving’ others.  I woke up from seeing others’ peace and happiness as my own.  I woke up from ‘giving all for the cause’. 

I learned it was okay to feel, cry, be lost, speak up, ask for help, be supported and to receive materially, sexually, mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually…without feeling guilty and believing I was somehow ‘bad’, ‘inferior’ and a ‘failure’.  I learned to embrace and heal deep-seated shame, and see the deeper treasure within.

I also came to link the devastating abuse to Feminine Power that was dealt by patriarchy and that crippled the Feminine in both women and men, as one of the biggest contributing factors to ongoing global warfare, destruction, decay and addiction.

And in order to free myself, I woke up to how my own Feminine lay unseen, unknown, unclaimed, distorted and in chains deep within, blinking in the darkness.  Waiting.  I came to see how disowned and violated Feminine Power directly related to all my imbalances.

And yes, I am happily a ‘work in progress’.  The research and the growth never end.


What I Discovered Helps Others…

My own journey eventually developed into a global practice that bridges mysticism and science to assist others to free themselves of their toxic patterns so that they, too, can become agents of change and live their dreams.  All within the context of the tremendous shifts taking place for humanity right now.

When I teach, I use any combination of the following:

  • The many timeless Spiritual Teachings and Techniques that are our great heritage in the eternal quest to understand life and the universe, and the possible origins, purpose and power of our existence
  • The evidence-based Technologies of Focused Thought, Emotion, Imagination and Heart Coherence as the powerful, integral base of truly holographic healing and of ‘creating one’s reality’ within our limitless Quantum Field
  • Science-backed Mindfulness as one’s stable “ground-zero” for inner calm, peace and balance
  • Dance Movement to shift and free up the body’s energetic fields and to generate Joy
  • Spiritual Travel toactivate and inspire participants into flourishing, new ways of living and being

At a time now of increased chaos and instability worldwide, many are feeling enormous uncertainty, confusion and stress.  Simultaneously, though, never has there been so many people on a worldwide scale, from all walks of life, who feel the desire to alter their circumstances for the better as now, or a time when the necessary resources to do so have been so readily available.

And, never before has there been a time when Feminine Power was more radically on the rise than at this moment, and being restored within both women and men.

I am committed to delivering programs and working deeply with people who are passionate about being free and living flourishing lives within a thriving Planetary Culture.

I live on Australia’s Gold Coast and I look forward to connecting with you.

You may find Praise for my work here HERE.