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Fatima Bacot is a Trainer, Speaker and Futurist

At a time now of increased chaos and systems-wide instability and globally, many are feeling enormous uncertainty, confusion and stress, whether within themselves, their relationships, health and finances, or within their staff and organizations. 

It is a time of both disintegrating and emerging paradigms in which we are the witnesses and participants of the radical, intensifying and, ultimately, liberating crises reflected within all areas of the human experience: 

  • escalating global economic, religious, environmental, resource and political instability
  • disruptive technological advancements (blockchain, AI), decentralization / globalization and internet hyper-connectivity
  • changes within our relationships, sense of gender, feminine power, labour forces, leaders, careers, finances, media, beliefs, senses of purpose
  • explosive interest in personal and spiritual development

And simultaneously, there has never before been the collective desire mindset, technology, will, resources and capability to create and propel ourselves into diverse futures and entirely brand-new possibilities and potentials.


Catalyst, Illuminator, Strategist

Fatima inhabits the global space as an illuminator of the ‘Big Picture’, as well as strategist of the “Future-Position’ mastery and mindset required as a vantage point to creatively navigate radical change, as particularly expedited by technology. Her passion is to catalyze business leaders to increased awareness, agency, vision and innovation for the leading-edge solutions to humanity’s most pressing problems.

Corporate:  Working for many years earlier in her career in finance (Canada Permanent Trust, Canada Trust, Permanent Trustee, Pearson Education), Fatima well knows corporate culture and the urgency now of bringing new-paradigm, decentralized, evidence-based, leading-edge technological and optimal mindset approaches to business to improve creativity, integrity, performance, robustness and relevance in the 21st Century. 

Individual:  Fatima brings an incisive spotlight to her clients, compassionately bringing to light outdated patterns. She ‘prescribes’ the techniques whereby clients may heal burnout, overwhelm, uncertainty and self-sabotage.  She shares the wisdom of the ‘Inner Tools of Transformation’ to free themselves of limitation and to consciously create their realities and bring authentic balance and prosperity to all key life areas.

Fatima’s primary approaches are an intersection of: 

  • The evidence-based research and physics of Mindset/Thought, Emotion, Imagination, Aligned Action, Body-Movement and Heart Coherence as the powerful, integral building-blocks of ‘creating reality’ within a limitless Quantum Field
  • The possibilities provided by technology in the form of blockchain, cryptocurrency and AI as the means by which humanity may leave behind the crumbling, older paradigms of centralized power and control in favour of decentralized, cooperative lifestyles and marketplaces within ethical, networked, living systems
  • The timeless Spiritual Teachings that are humanity’s great heritage and treasure in its eternal quest to understand consciousness, life and the universe, and the possible origins, meaning and purpose of its existence. (Fatima has also been a practicing Astrologer and Energy Healer since 1990.)
  • Mindfulness to facilitate one’s stable “ground-zero”
  • Transformational Travel to activate and inspire participants into dynamic, new ways of thinking, living, feeling, creating, being and participating
  • Conscious Evolutionary Activism for the flourishing futures we wish to co-create


It is the time of the Global Shift in Consciousness, and we are living the days heralded by numerous visionaries, scholars and indigenous peoples as the ‘renewal and regeneration’ of humanity.

Driving exponential change are powerful desires for greater personal freedom, certainty, agency, prosperity, inclusiveness and sovereignty, freedom from suffering, and for the liberating systems and strategies that enable one (or one’s family, community, or company), to powerfully thrive and better navigate the waves of change out beyond outdated worldviews and ideologies.


Fatima presents a visionary yet balanced, razor-sharp clarity regarding the Big Picture of the personal and collective changes unfolding and exponentially accelerating as part of the Shift  – and how to seamlessly navigate and create. She has delivered seminars, web events, workshops, blogs, CDs, mp3s, ebooks, classes, and has consulted privately to thousands.  She has taught in-person throughout Australia, the United States and Mexico, and online globally.

Fatima is passionately focused upon a thriving Planetary Culture in a flourishing New Evolutionary Era.  Futuristic yet highly pragmatic, she embraces progressive, holistic, conscious technology, spirituality, politics, economics, culture, science and arts that support the sovereign rights, identity, agency and dignity of all human beings and species of the Earth, and that uphold joy, diversity, privacy and creativity.

Fatima currently lives in Australia. 

You may find Praise for her work HERE.