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Corporate Speaker, Shaman, Trainer • Female Leadership Mentor • Transformational Journeys

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Corporate Speaker, Shaman, Trainer • Female Leadership Mentor •  Transformational Journeys

At a time now of increased chaos and systems-wide instability, leaders are experiencing enormous uncertainty and stress, whether within themselves or within their staff and organizations. 

Fatima inhabits the global space as a speaker, trainer and catalyst of the ‘Future-Position’ mastery and mindset required as a vantage point to embed new systems and to creatively navigate radical change, as particularly expedited by technology.

She has consulted to and trained 1000’s of individuals in private, in groups and in the workplace throughout Australia, the United States and Mexico, and online globally.

Her passion is to support principled business leaders to conscientiously operate from a base of transparent stewardship, responsibility and agency to ethically chart the next 1-5 years with certainty, success and agility.

Female leaders and entrepreneurs are critically faced with unique challenges as they navigate still-prevalent gender bias. Unequal pay, sexism, bullying, boys’ clubs, less access to capital, doing more at home than their partners: these are among the well-documented facts that inhibit female performance and leadership pathways, and that sees their numbers dwindling as they navigate the business world.

Working for many years earlier in her career in finance, Fatima well knows corporate culture and the urgency now of dropping outdated, biased, reactionary models in favour of diverse, ethical, conscious, collaborative approaches to ensure robustness and relevance in the 21st Century marketplace.

She ‘prescribes’ the techniques whereby clients may transform burnout, uncertainty, indecision, self-sabotage and ‘imposter syndrome’.

Fatima’s primary approaches are a dynamic intersection of:

  • Evidence-based mindfulness, neuroscience, epigenetics, heart coherence and brain plasticity
  • Shamanic leadership principles, combining service to company and shareholders, to people and to the planet
  • Focused thought, emotion and body-movement
  • Timeless philosophical and spiritual teachings that are humanity’s great heritage and treasure
  • Transformational Journeys to inspire participants into dynamic, new ways of thinking, living, feeling, creating, being and participating

Future-oriented and highly pragmatic, Fatima brings a powerfully holistic element to her clients and all her programs to ensure harmonious integration of the personal and the professional for her clients in all areas of their lives.

Fatima currently lives in Australia on the Gold Coast.

You may find Praise for her work HERE.

Navigating Exponentially Accelerating Change: a FREE Guide

5 Critical Keys & Practices you Need to Know RIGHT NOW