A Sacred Worldview

“Maybe the song that is to be sung through us is the most beautiful requiem for an irreplaceable planet or maybe it’s a song of joyous rebirth as we create a new culture that doesn’t destroy its world.” Joanna Macy

What would our society be like if we could transform our prevailing narrative that is based on separation and domination through fear, coercion and violence into one based on recognizing our inter-relatedness and if we had been educated to understand that inter-relatedness, and how that reflects back to our own happiness, wellbeing, abilities to adapt and to thrive?

What would flourishing masculine and feminine archetypes look like?  If we brought together thought and feeling, mind and matter, protection and empathy, reason and intuition, what kind of cultures could we build going forward?

If we were taught to fully apprehend our interdependence in a complex, multidimensional, ecological web, what might we change and what could we become?

How would our politics change?  Would we then develop a new narrative that considered all life valuable and recognized that we live in communities of all kinds, within deeply-connected living systems and networks that, in respecting and valuing them, could result in greater levels of wellbeing within those living systems? 


Could we grow into creating, acting and participating in a more conscious, collaborative manner that respected diversity in a more sacred worldview?

Merriam-Webster dictionary has a few definitions of ‘sacred’, including:

a: entitled to reverence and respect

b: highly valued and important

How might you contribute to establishing that?  How might you facilitate such a new, life-revering narrative?

What kinds of detoxing, healing, re-patterning, creating and activism would need to take shape in your life so you could participate?

What long-dormant gifts and talents would you need to retrieve, own, embody and action?


Time is short.

Adapted from “Towards a Politics of Unity” (C) 2019 Fatima Bacot

2 thoughts on “A Sacred Worldview”

  1. Hi Fatima, email responded to your blog “Dropping Conditioned Attention Carlos Castaneda was an American anthropologist who met a powerful shaman (medicine man) called Don Juan Matus in 1960 …. ” from Tuesday 14 May 2019. Interested in your comments toward AI / 5G=

    Loved this commentary Fatima, 2nd-3rd attention developing left-side awareness, returning us to the realm of Silent Knowledge instead of the Point of Reason, after thousands of years of terrible suffering.
    Wonder if existing & 5G radiation disrupt the access to Silent Knowledge, all the more reason to get it installed! In a world of Telepathy, deception may no longer be possible. As for the www, this came through my Akashic Records writings in 2012:
    Q. That includes proliferation of the “dark agendas” & the like (chemtrails, GM food, water fluorodation & chlorination, wireless proliferation, codex legislation, debt-induced monetary control, etc) that serve to keep us busy & to literally poison our collective awakening through activation of pineal gland etc.
    A. Yes, & as you are now thinking the www is merely a stepping-stone toward a collective global www of inuitive, psycho-spiritual connection WITHOUT the use of technology, where what is known by one will be known by all.
    This ‘portal’ closed some years ago after writing around 100 pages, wonder why! Whether valid, or not, it may suggest that wi-fi electronics is redundant & holding us back from collective transformation. Interested in any 5G commentary: some say Extinction, others say ‘it won’t happen’, ‘why not focus on ‘nice’, fun things, not all this negativity?’ etc

    • Hi George, I didn’t get that email for some reason. I am sorry to have thus not responded ☹

      Thank you, though, for reaching out to me here. I’m glad you did!

      I’m approaching 5G and AI astrologically and have been intending to write something (before I leave for overseas for 3 months for mainly family matters). Where I see things as an Astrologer….is that technology/IOT/AI is already forecasted, along with 6g, etc. (This is through the archetypal backdrop of incoming Jupiter in Aquarius, Uranus in Gemini, Neptune in Aries and Pluto in Aquarius….as we move towards 2024/5/6/7, etc.)

      The issue is about how this massive, promethean, ‘telepathic’ connectivity will be used: for good or for bad. I don’t see it being stopped. Delayed through protests, perhaps, but not stopped. It’s part of a greater link-up.

      Technology is a catalysing trigger with its own consciousness and is all around us, and it is about how it is used and how we will raise our vibrations out of fear to meet it and use it wisely. All of us.

      As a spiritual teacher for the last 25 years and as someone who has shared the work of David Hawkins, Joe Dispenza, Masaru Emoto, Abraham-Hicks, Bruce Lipton, the ancient mystics, crystal technologies, sacred geometry, homeopathy and more, FEAR shuts down our DNA, emotions, intuition, creativity, wellbeing etc and creates disease. It is a low vibration. It is heightened states of appreciation, heart coherence etc that enable us to upgrade out of fear. They have huge attractor fields that compensate for low ones. These are the same sorts of states that heal cancers, traumas, terminal diseases. I am focused on a flourishing connectivity and sharing the tools to keep up with the forecasted evolutionary trajectory.

      I do feel there will also be a merge between humans and AI, augmented reality, flying cars, virtual reality and hyper-connectivity planetary.

      What has come through my meditations is that many are living in fear of something that happened long ago. It’s a miasm in the human consciousness. That there is no ‘plot’, but there is growth, expansion.

      How this will look as the old world continues to break apart….I don’t personally know….but at this point, I feel no fear in my body about 5G or AI.

      This departs from what many of my friends believe about this technology, but it’s where I am standing at the moment.

      Hope you and Christine are well! Fatima xxx

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