Reclaim your Feminine Power and Unleash the Wild Woman Within

Eight Sacred Principles and Simple Practices
You NEED to Know

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Women’s Mysteries 7-Session Online Sacred Temple

Do you sometimes feel empty, uninspired? Do crushing loneliness and isolation engulf you at times? Are you accustomed to exhaustion and feeling desperately unsupported? Do you feel ‘not good enough’, invisible? ‘Not worthy enough’ to share your gifts? Do you hold yourself back?

Feminine Power corresponds to a way of being in the world that is deeply fulfilling, self-respecting, joyful, creative and authentic, sensually connected to the body and its powerful, multidimensional energy fields, and that connects us to all life, our radical abundance and our abilities to manifest.

Join a beautiful, intimate group and receive personal mentoring from me in order to free yourself of behaviours that sabotage your finances, relationships, health and sense of Soul-Purpose.

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Diamond Consciousness Astro-Intuitive Consultations

Diamond Consciousness Sessions are a wise evolutionary investment in yourself.  They  Sessions provide exceptional diagnosis regarding distortion patterns, and they provide solutions regarding Relationships, Finances, Health, Career and Soul-Purpose so that you can work with the continuing stream of powerful Energies.

The Sessions are co-created with you and point your way out of sabotaging beliefs and ties to the old, toxic ways that hurt and disempower you so you can re-balance and get back into the driver’s seat of your Life.


Diamond Consciousness Guided Visualization mp3s

Choose from a variety of Guided Visualizations to assist you with Wealth, Health, Relationships, Sabotage Release, DNA Activation and for cultivating states of Love and Gratitude.  These enable you to release remove the mental, emotional, psychic and physical blockages and creatively programming new neural patterns through powerful, meditative visualizations and affirmations.  Release the old limitations and anchor into what you truly want to experience.  For all selections and immediate download CLICK HERE

Adventures in Manifesting:  Passion and Purpose Book

From the bestselling “Adventures in Manifesting” series, now in 27 countries worldwide, a compelling, inspiring book of 32 stories designed to inspire you how to create the life you love.  Fatima Bacot in collaboration with Janet Attwood, Bob Doyle and 30 other contributing authors. 

To read an excerpt and secure a remaining copy, please CLICK HERE.


“I had a wonderful time today.  I had read Chopra’s and Tolle’s books, but today you managed to give us, in a very short time, a summary of what consciousness is all about.”  Gilda, Canada

“Words cannot describe the gifts Fatima brings to this changing world.” Carolyn, Australia

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