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How to Navigate Exponentially-Accelerating Change

Five Critical Keys and Practices You Need to Know RIGHT NOW

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Fatima as a Speaker

Suggested Topics

  • Women Leading from the Future-Position Vantage Point for Global Change
  • Cultivating the Future-Position Vantage Point for High Impact Quantum Leadership
  • The Future-Position Vantage Point in the Mindful Workplace
  • Prometheus Unbound: The Creative Fire in a Blockchain/AI World

Fatima inhabits the global space as a speaker, trainer and catalyst of the ‘Future-Position’ mastery and mindset required as a vantage point to embed new systems and to creatively navigate radical change, as particularly expedited by technology.

Her passion is to support principled business leaders to conscientiously operate from a base of transparent stewardship, responsibility and agency to ethically chart the next 1-5 years with certainty, success and agility.

Fatima brings an incisive, engaging manner to groups, powerfully bringing to light outdated patterns and operating models and mindsets, and pointing the way forward and how to facilitate it. She presents the quantum, revolutionary, science-backed strategies whereby clients may rewrite burnout, overwhelm, uncertainty, self-sabotage….and tap into the futuristic, socially-responsible solutions required for all leading-edge businesses now. 


Sacred Journey in Chiapas, Mexico ~ April 2020

Are you someone who cares deeply about the planet, embraces the world’s culturally rich and ancient destinations, and who wants travel to not only be personally fulfilling and transformational but also make a meaningful, positive difference? 

Would you like to co-create a lasting impact with a group of heart-centred, future-focused change-agents and just have the most mind-blowing time as you travel deep into magical, surreal Chiapas to places that have long transformed seekers in their attainment of higher consciousness and inner transformation?

This deeply-experiential Journey is for you if you feel the call to dive into profound transformation in a powerful, sacred and very surreal landscape.  It’s for you if you know you have a bigger Purpose within and a calling to embody and share who you really are.


Quantum Executive Coaching

Business leaders and entrepreneurs have highly complex challenges when it comes to running their organizations: fluctuating financial trends, silo leadership models, long hours, demanding shareholders, pressing staff issues, information overload, relentless globalization, migrating labor markets and the ruthless need for tighter margins.

Female leaders, especially, have unique obstacles as they navigate the still-prevalent gender bias that impacts their performance and leadership pathways, and that sees their numbers dwindling as they ascend business ladders.

For all leaders, and as technology advances exponentially in blinding real-time and calls for ethics and social responsibility in business increase, the goalposts are shifting radically.

Leaders must steer their companies to operate from a base of transparent stewardship, responsibility and agency in order to to ethically chart the next 1-5 years with certainty, success and agility in the midst of mounting volatile global uncertainty.

More than ever, as architects of the powerful, visionary, organizational foundations of their companies, leaders are challenged to:

  • secure and maintain competitive advantage and relevance
  • transition their organizations from a potentially ‘Reactionary Model’ to an ethical, diverse ‘Creator Model’ for business, shareholders, people and planet
  • transform out of old-style linear leadership into the diverse, socially-responsible leadership now critical for success
  • develop the ethical, leading-edge vision to chart the ‘Master Plan’ for the next 1-5 years


Mindfulness for a Consciously-Evolving, Switched-On Workplace

At a time now of increased chaos and systems-wide instability globally, many are feeling enormous uncertainty, confusion and stress, whether within themselves, their relationships, health and finances, or within their staff and organizations. 

It is a time of both disintegrating and emerging paradigms in which we are the witnesses and participants of the radical, intensifying and, ultimately, liberating crises reflected within:

  • escalating global economic, religious, environmental, resource and political instability
  • disruptive technological advancements (such as blockchain, cryptocurrencies and AI), globalization and internet hyper-connectivity
  • changes within our relationships, sense of gender, the rise of feminine power, moving labour forces, the rise of the millennials
  • explosive interest in personal and spiritual development that are changing ‘the status quo’ and our senses of purpose and meaning from the inside-out, including in the workplace

Whether it’s Australia Post, Google Sydney, Westpac, Geelong Grammar, Fairfax, Epworth Hospital in Melbourne, Suncorp, IBM Australia, the Methodist Ladies College, and the South Sydney Rabbitohs, one thing is for sure: they’ve all embraced Mindfulness to enhance wellbeing, innovation, success and as the means by which they can survive and thrive in stressful, exponentially-altering times. 


Mindfully Navigating Exponential Technological Change ~ blockchain, cryptocurrency and artificial intelligence: how they are radically changing our lives forever ~

The world is going through a time of accelerating change and upheaval – economically, environmentally, politically, technologically, culturally.  Volatility is everywhere and our lives are being greatly impacted.

What are blockchain, cryptocurrency and artificial intelligence (AI), and how are they disrupting and revolutionizing our lives? 

How do you ride these waves of change more smoothly?

A 3-part Online Series DOWNLOADABLE HERE

Joy of Living: an 8-Session Program for Prosperity Consciousness

Consider These Critical Questions

  • Are you ready for a completely re-written future?
  • Are you happy and in charge of your Life and Energies in the midst of such unprecedented change… or do overwhelm, fear and confidence issues sabotage you?
  • Do you feel ‘connected’ to the Power Within and to the Field… or are you lost, floundering and disempowered in these wild seas of change?
  • Are you feeling Free….or stuck, broke, trapped, confused, in despair?
  • Are your relationships flourishing….or are you feeling alone, unsupported, unloved?
  • Are your Mind-Body-Emotions-Spirit in balance…or do you feel anxious, confused, out of control?
  • Are you simply in need of Mentor who can teach you to live from Joy and where life is increasingly about Play, Prosperity, Freedom, Creativity and Synchronicity?

If you are feeling overwhelm, it’s OK, and….you are not alone. There is great overwhelm, confusion and stress because change is so fast-paced.  Anxiety, depression, fear, burnout, panic attacks are all too common as we shift out of the older system into a New One…and take Freedom, Abundance, Living, Creativity, Possibility and Potential to new levels entirely.


Diamond Consciousness Astro-Intuitive Consultations

Diamond Consciousness Sessions are a wise evolutionary investment in yourself.  They  Sessions provide exceptional diagnosis regarding distortion patterns, and they provide solutions regarding Relationships, Finances, Health, Career and Soul-Purpose so that you can work with the continuing stream of powerful Energies.

The Sessions are co-created with you and point your way out of sabotaging beliefs and ties to the old, toxic ways that hurt and disempower you so you can re-balance and get back into the driver’s seat of your Life.


Diamond Consciousness Guided Visualizations:  Train Your Mind & Emotions

Choose from a variety of Guided Visualizations to assist you with Wealth, Health, Relationships, Sabotage Release, DNA Activation and for cultivating states of Love and Gratitude.  These enable you to release remove the mental, emotional, psychic and physical blockages and creatively programming new neural patterns through powerful, meditative visualizations and affirmations.  Release the old limitations and anchor into what you truly want to experience.  For all selections and immediate download CLICK HERE

Adventures in Manifesting:  Passion and Purpose Book

From the bestselling “Adventures in Manifesting” series, now in 27 countries worldwide, a compelling, inspiring book of 32 stories designed to inspire you how to create the life you love.  Fatima Bacot in collaboration with Janet Attwood, Bob Doyle and 30 other contributing authors. 

To read an excerpt and secure a remaining copy, please CLICK HERE.

“I had read Chopra’s and Tolle’s books, but today you managed to give us, in a very short time, a summary of what consciousness is all about.”  Gilda, Canada

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Navigating Exponentially Accelerating Change: a FREE Guide

5 Critical Keys & Practices you Need to Know RIGHT NOW

Navigating Exponentially Accelerating Change: a FREE Guide

5 Critical Keys & Practices you Need to Know RIGHT NOW